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Narcissistic parental abuse wrecks lives and destroys childhoods



You are here because you have had an encounter with a narcissist.  It could be that your parent was narcissistic or that you have children with one.  Either way, you are no doubt bearing the scars right now.


The narcissist will do anything and everything to protect themselves from revealing their inadequacy.  That includes lying, manipulating, controlling, guilt-tripping, gaslighting, smearing your name, threatening and even murder


The narcissistic personality is ego-centric.  Whilst they portray this “hollier-than-thou” persona in public, behind closed doors they can make your blood run cold.  They fluctuate between self love and self loathing but that hatred will be directed outwardly, towards you.  No matter what you do, it will be criticised and belittled.  This is in part to destroy you and any confidence you have but also to bolster their own low self esteem.


They fear you abandoning them so beat you down to make you believe that you are lucky to have them.  And if you do leave, you will be punished.  And so will the children.



Why The Nurturing Coach

When I was experiencing narcissistic abuse and parental alienation, I wanted someone who understand and helped me to find myself again. I couldn’t find anyone with this expertise so, once I felt stronger, I decided to use my experience as a social worker and retrain as an NLP Practitioner.

My role is to hold your hand.  To understand and console.  To push you when you need pushing, congratulate when you have excelled and nurture you to recovery.

My desire is to work with you to create a new version of you.  A stronger, more hopeful and wiser version who is excited about the world and their life.


If you are ready to move forward or want some advice on how to cope with the day to day issues, head to the Services page to see how we can work together.  Alternatively, if you prefer an informal chat first, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch within 48 hours.


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Simply click the blue icon in the top right hand corner of the screen, near the header and you will be able to message us directly through Facebook.  We will then be able to respond faster and easier to you.


silent treatment

Sarah has provided me with both reassurance and support in my situation of attempting to co-parent with a narcissist. Her advice has been thought provoking and well researched, even predicting correctly the other parties next move. Sarah is extremely experienced in this area and has not only been supportive but understanding and sympathetic too. Her advice has helped enormously in my understanding of narcisstic men. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sarah's services to anyone dealing with a narcissist. An invaluable asset to our society today.

LJ - Parent


I found it very helpful speaking with the nurturing coach. This was the first time I had spoken to a professional al person on the subject of narccasicim. Usually I speak to friends and family but I don’t speak to them to often, as I dont want to bore them. Or go on to much about what’s been happening. As some of it is so crazy. Unless you have had a similar experience. It’s hard for people to truly understand.
MC - Parent


I had a direction establishing session with Sarah! Awesome, intelligent, professional go-to-person! She was listening and picking up on what matters for me and my personal growth.
Highly recommended coach!

MW - Client

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