The Importance Of Play – It's Not Just For Adults

the importance of play


Play is something associated with children but don’t underestimate the importance of play for an adult too.


In children play stimulates brain development and without play, severe behavioural issues can occur in later life.  The simple act of playing with peers promotes good health, an understanding of rules and teamwork.


In adults, the benefits are just as important.  Especially for business people.  It can release tension which helps keep stress and stress related conditions at bay.  It also lets us experience the inevitable feeling of losing but in a safe environment.


I’m a naturally competitive person.  I remember being about 12 years old and playing in a tennis tournament against my best friend.  She whipped my ass and I cried.  I hated losing.  Simply because I felt I had let myself down.  I carried this forward into adult life and particularly in business.


I always give my best and get frustrated with myself when I aren’t as good as I know I can be.  This has been both a help and hindrance in business.  I will often find myself not participating in something if I know I am not going to be able to give it my best.  I’d rather not bother.  This has held me back in many ways because I miss out the activity and all the amazing learning experiences that can come with it.


On a positive note though, it has meant that anything I set my mind to, I can achieve.


Play has taught me that and I try to include play into my adult life.  I have also managed to reign in my emotional responses.  Except for one monopoly incident where I threw the pieces in anger.  No one was hurt but I restrain from playing monopoly now 🙂


So how can play help you?


Well for starters there’s the obvious health benefits.  Exercise improves blood flow which helps get oxygen to your brain thus increasing your thinking power.


Exercise also releases a whole host of “feel good” hormones which can improve your mindset and productivity.


Laughter is good for the soul and you can’t help but laugh when you are playing and having fun.


It’s great for developing team building skills as well as problem solving.


It also forms strong attachments so can improvement relationships – both personal and professional.


There really is no end to the amount of good play can do.


So the next time your child asks you to go and play outside, put the laptop and mobile down and go and have some fun.  Your business will thank you for it in the long run!

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