Creating a Nurturing Environment

When considering creating a nurturing environment, it’s important to consider what nurturing means.  There are many different layers to nurture and it is complex but here are some key points:


You should be meeting basic biological needs – food, shelter warmth

Creating secure attachments – giving comfort, love, safety

Using nurturing language – lots of praise and loving words

Modelling positive behaviour – lead by example.


Now let’s look at how these can be used to create nurturing environments in the home, business and community.




Meals, food in cupboards, clean bedding
Books and age appropriate toys
Loving relationships
Secure attachments and stability
Be the person you want your children to become
Positive interactions with other people
Access to education and health
Safe home with necessary precautions taken
Positive language
Special time
Understand different personalities and encourage everyone to be themselves




“Feed” your audience with educational content
Create a secure and safe environment for them to interact
Understand their situation and struggles
Be consistent and available
Speak their language
Meet their needs




Friendly with neighbours
Supportive of everyone
Tolerate difference
Safe places to play
Access to education and health

When we nurture in business, we create long lasting attachments and return custom which businesses need in order to thrive.

It is my mission to create a nurturing world. After the events last week in London, we all need to adopt a more loving and caring approach before we rip each other apart.

Differences should be celebrated and everyone, children and adults, should be allowed to be who they want to be without prejudice.

When you live and interact from an angle of nurturing, there will be no wars because everyone will want to lift others up and support them.

We live in a fractured society dominated by greed and power struggles but when we go back to basic human needs, we can all live in harmony and be successful in whatever way we want to be.

It starts here. By practising these nurturing techniques we can teach our children the power of love and understanding.


To book in for your free “Nurture Me Now” session, simply go to HERE



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