He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – 2 Important Steps To Take In The Devalue Stage

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Entering the Devalue Stage is one hell of a shock to most people.

One minute they were all over you like a rash, couldn’t do enough for you.  Now they are telling you that you are smothering them and are needy.

What did you do wrong?

This video will explain to you what happened and after we will look at the 2 Important Steps To Take When The Narcissist Begins To Devalue You


2 Important Steps


  1. IT WAS NOTHING YOU DIDI will repeat that.  IT WAS NOTHING YOU DID. This is a personality disorder and it is who they are.  Stop trying to appease them or get it back.  It was never real in the first place.  That person was a fake.Your feelings were genuine, which is why it hurts to much and is so confusing.  But for them it was a game.  And right now they want to know if you are going to play.

    They are probably spinning you in circles right now.  Telling you one thing, doing another.  And you are dizzy trying to keep up.  They are testing you.  Which leads me to step 2…….

  2. RUN!This person, the one who is pushing you away and saying horrible things, this is the real them.  And this is exactly how your relationship will pan out if you stay.  Pretty soon would come the discard stage so get out now, before you are completely addicted.


If you are currently in the devalue stage or have already been discarded, please know that it does get better.  The pain will stop.  You will get over them and stop craving them.  It was all a deliberate act on their behalf to see how good a supply you would be.  Be thankful for getting out and please do STAY OUT.


If you would like any help with dealing with a narcissist or parental alienation please do get in touch.  And comment below to let me know your own experiences and if this rings true for you.  What advice would you give?


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2 thoughts on “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – 2 Important Steps To Take In The Devalue Stage”

  1. I’ve been exploited, discarded and am in the midst of a smear campaign. I have no idea how to fight back but I have no intention of stepping down. The narcissist’s (yes plural) must be revealed to all for the heartless, scumbags, that they are!!

    1. I am so sorry to hear this Kaylee, it is such a horrible feeling to be treated like garbage when you have done nothing wrong. Fighting back essentially involves taking care of yourself. The narcissist made you believe that you were unworthy of love and care so start lavishing it on yourself. Buy yourself a present. Do something nice just for you. It all starts with your relationship with yourself xx

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