I’m Only Human – How stress got the better of me

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Stress can get to us all


I’m sorry.  I have been absent for some time from my website and I wanted to not only apologise but also explain.


My wonderful father went into hospital on 15th January for a fairly routine operation to remove some unhealthy cells.  The operation itself went well.  We visited him on the Tuesday and he was out of bed, chatting away and all signs were good.


Then on the Wednesday morning when we rang the hospital, we were told he had become dangerous hypoxic (lack of oxygen to the brain) and so they had to put him in an induced coma on a ventilator.  What has followed has been 3 months of emotional highs and lows.


He suffered numerous set backs, was transferred to a hospital an hour and half away due to bed shortages (in intensive care) and we had the worst snow the UK has experienced in many years preventing us from visiting him for almost a week.  Added to that was the constant battle with medical staff for information and to be listened to about our concerns and saying it was stressful is an understatement!


Personal Cost


I also suffer from a condition called myalgic encephalomyelitis (or chronic fatigue syndrome) which is a stress related disorder.  I have successfully managed it for several years now, suffering only minor relapses, but this prolonged exposure to physical and emotional emotional stress hit me really hard.  In fact it totally knocked me off my feet!  I think that I had been trying so hard to keep coping with everything, including the narcissistic abuse, for so many years, that this was the final straw and my body simply couldn’t keep functioning any more.


ME affects my cognitive abilities and causes me to vomit when I try to concentrate for too long (ten minutes was too long most days) and so keeping up with my website simply wasn’t possible.


Whilst I am aware this was unavoidable, I also want to apologise to you all.


I set up this website as a source of education, support and reassurance.  And I have been unable to give you that and for that I am sorry.

However, all that has happened has really helped me to learn and grow as a person.  I now fully understand myself and my purpose in life (although I am sure I will learn more as I go along) which has helped me to make some decisions about The Nurturing Coach business which I hope will prevent anything like this from happening again and ensure that you always have support in place whenever you need it.


Firstly, I want to share the links to the Facebook group where you can get peer support from others who have been abused by a narcissist or suffered parental alienation – NAPARRC

Secondly my email address which goes straight to my phone so I can access it easier even if I am unable to come onto the website to access your submissions – enquiries@thenurturingcoach.co.uk

Finally, I will be recruiting staff to not only support me with the administration of the site but also to offer additional therapeutic support.  If you would like to be considered for this position please do email me at enquiries@thenurturingcoach.co.uk


Once again, I am sorry but I hope that this explanation helps you to see that I am human and have my own strengths and weaknesses.


Take care



The Nurturing Coach


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