What really happens when you go NO CONTACT with a narcissist?

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Going no contact with a narcissist is by far the best way to maintain your own sanity and is a very clear, strong boundary.  But it does have consequences.


Firstly, the narcissist will react in certain ways which will make it hard for you to keep your resolve.  This will include:

  • lovebombing
  • gaslighting
  • threats
  • intimidation
  • using the children
  • smear campaigns

They will become quite creative in their efforts.  Even texting you “by mistake”, usually pretending it was meant for the new supply!


Secondly, you will react in certain ways as well.  Remember that a narcissistic relationship creates a trauma bond and this in turn releases chemicals the same as opiate addiction.  This makes it incredibly difficult to just go “cold turkey”.


This video explores your reactions in more detail:


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