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Here you will find the latest free resources to help you deal with narcissistic parental abuse and parental alienation.

Co-Parenting With A Narcissist

Let’s face it.  Narcissist’s don’t co-parent.  They cco-parenting with a narcissistounter-parent.

But his free guide helps you to firstly understand why they behave the way they do, what to expect and how to deal with the day to day drama.

Have it as your go-to guide when you are struggling with the latest pathetic and pointless squabble!

For The Sake Of The Children

fighting parental alienation

Parental Alienation is devastating and confusing.  You have no idea what you did to deserve this level of hatred and you feel totally alone.

You are not.  Sadly parental alienation has become the weapon of choice for many parents but particularly narcissistic ones.

This guide will help you to navigate the complex and confusing syndrome that is parental alienation.

Word Salad Decoded

communicating with a narcissist

Communicating with a narcissist is like swimming in jelly – hard work and pointless!

But if you have children together you have to find a way to make it less infuriating and more productive.  This FREE guide will help you to do just that by giving you practical steps to handle the communication as well as helping you to reduce your own stress.


Find Your Voice 

find your voice

The Narcissist silenced you.  You put all your wishes, feelings, thoughts and opinions to one side in order to keep the peace.  Now you are ready to scream out loud!  But have forgotten how to express yourself.

This guide will help you to find your voice again and you can also work through it with your children to give them the strength to not be kept quiet.





Books For Children Of Narcissists


books for children of narcissists

Children will know that something isn’t quite right but won’t have the cognitive or language skills to verbalise what is really going on and as parents we can feel terrified of scaring them by giving them too much information.

Therefore I have put together a comprehensive list of books written by expert and established authors to help your children whatever their age.  They cover a range of topics regarding mental health and families.




Narcissistic Mothers

In this guide you will learn about narcissistic mothers, how they behave and how that impacted you as a child or your own children now, and finally how to recover and move forward.

Please feel free to share the guide with anyone you think may need it.




Co-Dependency Workbook – Boundaries

Co-dependency workbook

Boundaries Keep Us Safe

But the narcissist would have walked all over them and perhaps they weren’t that strong in the first place.

We learn how to set boundaries from our parents so this workbook walks you through any issues you may have in implementing and sticking to your own boundaries.

It is the first step on the path to changing your old patterns.