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You have spent years focusing on other people.

  • Kids
  • Parents
  • Friends
  • The Narcissist

The narcissist DEMANDS every second of your attention.  They are adult toddlers who are constantly pulling at your coat-tails wanting you to pay them attention.  But never satisfied.

It is exhausting


Soul destroying

You have probably forgotten or never really known who you really are.  You have simply become a product of your circumstances.




You deserve a wonderful life and even though that might seem light-years away right now, it really can be achieved in 28 days.


How do I know?


Because it did for me!

When my relationship ended and subsequently the narcissist was out of my life, I though (rather naively) that life would just get better by default.  As much as I missed him I knew that the payoff of not having the narcissist in my life was something to be really positive about.

I thought I would magically lose loads of weight.

I dyed my hair.

I threw myself into my work.

But after a few months I still didn’t feel any better.  Not deep down.

Granted, the stress of having the narcissist in my life every day was gone but it had been replaced by a kind of melancholy.

I WANTED to be happy but I just wasn’t FEELING it.

So I set off on my journey of discovery and what I found was INCREDIBLE!

I had been looking at life all wrong.

For years I had been searching outside for all the answers.

But really the answers were all within me.

I incorporated seven key practices into my daily routine.

I did them every single day.

And things started to change really quickly.


“You have to get in touch with your inner guidance because it is the wisdom that knows the answers for you.”
― Louise L. Hay,


And it was actually so much easier than I thought it would be.

It took commitment but it felt so good so I enjoyed doing it.

It never once felt like work.

In fact it felt like peace.

So many people think that recovery is all about pain and suffering.  You must go through the darkest of times to see the light.

And I thought that too.

Until I starting on this path.

And I learnt that recovery is joyful.



And easier than you would ever imagine.


Now I can’t take the narcissist out of your life. And I certainly can’t change them


But I can help you to change your life.

And in turn that will change everything for you.


I am so excited!


This course is life changing.


And I don’t say that lightly.

Believe me, I am not one for grand statements or false promises.

So I am going to tell you what it isn’t:

  • it isn’t a narcissist education course – you know everything you need to know, you lived it
  • it isn’t a practical guide to dealing with the narcissist – if you want those guides there are plenty of other courses out there
  • it isn’t about the narcissist at all – this is all about YOU

So what is it?


  • It is a journey of self discovery
  • It is the process of giving you all your power back, or even finding it for the first time
  • It is a new way of seeing yourself, other and the world
  • It is life-changing

I promise you that you will never see life in the same way again


So if you are looking for something different that will not only change your life but also the lives of your children, family, friends and the whole world, you have found it.

And I am so proud you are here.

I really would love you to join me on this journey and as a token of my commitment and gratitude to YOU, i am offering this course at just £97 (that is less than £3.5 per day – the price of a coffee to change your life?)


What you will get:


  • Daily email with a brand new lesson and steps to implement
  • 7 key modules with instructions, insights and worksheets
  • A handout at the end
  • Facebook support group to keep you on track and accountable


So if you are committed to making a change….


Simply click the BUY NOW button below and get ready to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!



The resources of The Nurturing Coach have helped me gain insights into my situation. This accelerated my personal progress and healing. Sarah Squires is gifted in wisdom and experience and I feel so blessed that she is willing to share what she knows

LT – Attempting to co-parenting with a narcissist