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Narcissistic Parental Abuse and Parental Alienation YouTube Channel


We are proud to have been announced as being in the Top 50 Narcissist YouTube Channels!

Narcissist Youtube Channels

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Sometimes validation is all we need.  Someone to say those things that are in our head.  To answer those questions which have been keeping us awake at night.  Dealing with narcissistic parental abuse and parental alienation can feel like a very lonely place to be because no-one can possibly understand what it feels like. Our YouTube channel provides you with the very latest training and insights to help you understand and recovery.


The channel covers three main topic areas:


Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic Families

Parental Alienation Exposed


Our schedule is Tuesday, Friday and Sunday so keeps your eyes peeled on those days for the next instalment.


Latest video:




New for 2018!


youtube live

Every Sunday I will be doing a live on YouTube covering a specific theme relating to narcissistic parental abuse.


Last LiveStream Episode – Why The Narcissist Alienates You


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