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On this website you will specialist information on:

  • Attachment based parental alienation
  • Co-parenting with a narcissist
  • Narcissistic abuse
  • Narcissistic families
  • Narcissistic parents

Looking in particular at:

  • narcissistic tendencies and how you can manage them 
  • how their sense of entitlement plays out post divorce/separation
  • the importance of and how to construct a parenting plan
  • what is parallel parenting and why it will save you your sanity 
  • how parenting apps can be used to maintain boundaries
  • the characteristics and psychology of narcissistic personality disorder 
  • high conflict divorces and how to get through them without being manipulated or alienated
  • narcissistic traits and how they play out in families
  • narcissistic behavior and the impact upon children

Narcissists are relentless.  They simply won’t give up and leave you alone.  They are hell-bent on destroying you and stopping you from moving on.

You left to get your freedom but in fact you feel just as trapped as before.

The abuse has carried on only this time you feel less able to protect the children.

They have turned all your friends against you, cut out your family and are trying to destroy your relationship with your children.

You need space and time to recover from the relationship, which has left you anxious, depressed and burned out. But the blows just keep coming.  Every email is an attack and you freeze when your phone goes, terrified at what vile bullshit they are going to throw your way this time.

When they are pleasant you feel that knot in the pit of your stomach, “what they up to?”

People think you should just “communicate for the sake of the kids” or “move on”.  Yeah right, because it’s that easy!!

No-one understand the turmoil you are and the blows keep on coming.  Narcissists really are relentless.

They drag you through court, taking the opportunity to humiliate you and bankrupt you all in one go.  Their lies become more and more disgusting and yet they are believed.  No matter what you do, the world is shitting on you from a great height.

The narcissist will make you feel like you are powerless and have conditioned you throughout the relationship to give in to them.


You want things to be different, you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

So how is doing the same thing going to change anything?

You need new strategies and a new, stronger mindset.

co-parenting with a narcissist

That’s where we come in

We have worked with thousands of parents attempting to move on from a relationship with a narcissist as well as having our own living experience of the futile nature of trying.

We believe that the answer to protecting yourself and your children lies in your hands.

We have developed a range of resources to help you become the person you need to be in order to life your life in peace whilst managing a parenting relationship with your narcissistic ex.

We know how to take away the narcissists power and we are here to teach you how

Check out our packages and free resources to start your fight back

We are specialist narcissistic abuse therapists

You will find lots of free resources as well as programmes to support your recovery and post separation relationship with a narcissist.  For more personalised and specific support, talk to one of our fully trained experts who can offer one:one support and therapy.

Although it maybe doesn’t feel like it now, you CAN break free from this and live the life you and your family want.  Without having to be constantly on edge waiting for the next grenade to be thrown.

Your ex may look like they have all the power but the truth is they are afraid of you.  Your goodness and truth terrifies them.  

It’s time for you to take back your power