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How to reclaim your future even when you're still realising the impact of narcissistic abuse...

Imagine the possibilities when your scars become your strength...

mind for recovery of narcissistic abuse


Maybe you are just starting to piece together what happened. You feel shocked. Confused. Angry. Hurt. Maybe rejected. And you can't make sense of any of it. Narcissistic abuse impacts brain development, cognitive function, emotional processing and self esteem. You probably don't even recognise yourself any more. Or maybe you never have. The Nurturing Coach will help you to make sense of your experience. We will help you on your journey to understanding what narcissistic abuse and why it happened to you.

Narcissistic abuse uk


Narcissistic abuse is stressful. It floods your body with cortisol and adrenaline which over long periods can be highly damaging to our bodies. You probably have PTSD or C-PTSD and struggle with managing anxiety. You may even have developed a chronic illness such as chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. The Nurturing Coach will teach you a variety of techniques to better manage your stress and anxiety levels and help you learn to cope with long term conditions.

soul recovery after narcissistic abuse


Soul trauma separates you from who you truly are. It fractures your core. And leads to deep unhappiness. When we live our lives in opposition to our true self and purpose, we are incongruent and feel deep pain. Narcissistic Abuse rips at your soul and leaves you feeling vulnerable and isolated. From everyone including yourself. The Nurturing Coach will help guide you back to who you really are with unconditional positive regard, congruence and empathy.

We Understand... We wrote the book....

communicating with a narcissist

Unless you have experienced narcissistic abuse up close and personal it is an impossible thing to explain to someone else.

Most people can’t comprehend the obsessive behaviours of a narcissist.  They also don’t like to think that evil is that person they know.

So they dismiss your claims, or belittle them and some even take the side of the narcissist.  Seeing you as the obsessive one as you can’t seem to move on whilst the narcissist is acting “normal”.

We at The Nurturing Coach know what you are going through is real and life changing.  Our aim though is to turn this horrendous, negative experience into a transformational experience which catapults you into your most amazing life yet. 

We can offer guidance with the practical aspects of court, co-parenting and some holistic therapeutic options which may help as well as offering you emotional support and guidance using NLP and psychotherapy/counselling techniques.

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