Narcissistic abuse, codependency and the trauma bond

One of the most difficult things to recover from after narcissistic abuse is the trauma bond.  Mainly because it doesn’t make any sense.  Your brain cannot comprehend why on earth you would want to have anything to do with them, miss them or even still love them. The truth is that narcissists are like a… Continue reading Narcissistic abuse, codependency and the trauma bond

Narcissistic Abuse Tactics

This presentation details the top ten narcissistic abuse tactics we have identified though our work.  How many do you recognise?  

Narcissistic Abuse

Thing about narcissistic abuse is it you don’t see it coming They can be absolutely lovely. Sweep you off your feet. Be everything you want them to be. The abuse is so diluted at first that you don’t notice it. Maybe your loved ones do But if they say anything. Then you push them away.… Continue reading Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic Abuse Cycle

Narcissistic Tactics Most narcissists appear to follow some kind of scriptbook as their behaviours follow a similar pattern. It starts with lovebombing When you meet they make you feel like you are the most important person in the universe.  You become addicted to this highs of being adored and cared for.  They are perfect.  Or… Continue reading Narcissistic Abuse Cycle