30 Day Transformations


Do you feel alone?  Like no-one believes you and perhaps you really are crazy and that they aren't as bad as you think?  You're too embarrassed to tell anyone because to the rest of the world they are the most kind and caring person, in fact you are always being told how lucky you are.  But you don't feel lucky.  You feel helpless and trapped.  Traumatised by the constant gaslighting.  You are depressed and anxious, scared to go home in case they're in a terrible mood.  You feel stupid for letting it happen and powerless to stop it.  You're starting to believe it might be you.  After all this isn't the first time you have been treated like crap.

Maybe you're trying no contact but missing them and, even though you know you should be glad it's over, all you feel is sad, lonely and desperate to reach out to them.

Does getting into a new relationship scare the hell out of you?  Maybe you're not attracted to anyone or see red flags everywhere and you're worried you won't ever find a decent person to love.

I have designed the 30 Day Transformation Package to help you feel supported, believed and understood.  To empower you to focus on the future and confident that it will be healthy and happy.  You will be able to talk about your hopes, dreams, fears and wishes in a safe and confidential environment.  We will create massive momentum to TRANSFORM your life each and every day so that by the end of the 30 days you will be more self aware, committed and confident to live the life of your dreams without fear and depression.

We will use NLP techniques to identify old, unhealthy thought and behaviour patterns and beliefs and replace them with positive goals, visions and beliefs about yourself and others.  We will educate you on narcissism and abuse so that you are empowered to deal with your situation and realise that you have done nothing wrong.  You will learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques to help you deal with the day to day stresses and begin to feel more in control of your emotions.

By the end of the 30 days you will have a much better understanding of your own beliefs and internal working model and the impact this has had on the choices you have made so far in life.  We will have rewired those "wonky" thought processes which were unhealthy and no longer serving you and replaced them with healthier pathways.  You will feel confident to make relationships choices which rebuild your trust and make you feel secure.  You will have set fantastic, exciting goals for your life and no longer crave the narcissist.  You will be ready to start this brand new chapter in your life with enthusiasm and confidence.  You will be TRANSFORMED!

About the programme

The 30 Day Transformation Package has been created for anyone affected by domestic and narcissistic abuse who feels stuck on their road to recovery and without a clue where to turn. It has been created to help unlock your inner hero/heroin for those who feel ready and want to transform their lives to one of success, love and abundance. 

Maybe you have tried conventional therapies and have discovered that they have offered little relief? Or have been told you need to forgive and forget?  Or for some of you perhaps you haven’t been offered any support at all and feel like you can’t see any way to change your life.

As we learn more and more about the brain, we are starting to see how patterns and beliefs are formed from childhood, which have a direct impact on the choices we make in life.  If we were raised or have been surrounded by dysfunctional people, then we have been to taught to think, feel, and behave in ways that do not serve us.   If we have been taught that what we think and feel is irrelevant, then as adults, it will be all but impossible not to experience low self-esteem, tremendous self-doubt, and confusion.  This becomes our Internal Working Model - how we view ourselves.  If we cannot value what we think and feel, how then can we ever hope to create abundant and healthy life experiences? We can't and the truth is, that is not our fault. 

We will continue repeat the same patterns based on our Internal Working Model and perceptions of the world around us because it is all we know.  But things can change.  With the 30 Day Transformation Package, we can change old, limiting beliefs into new, positive beliefs which will change our decision making processes.  This results in you making healthier and more aspirational decisions, leading to a life of love, success and abundance.  

This 30 Day Transformation Package helps you heal those limiting beliefs. Through weekly one:one sessions, daily emails and group support your brain will begin to undo the neural pathways that no longer serve you, while at same time begin helping you create new neural associations to healthier beliefs.   

My philosophy is not just to recover from domestic and narcissistic abuse, it is to TRANSFORM your life after abuse.  To open your eyes to the abundant world available to you, a world which has been hidden from you for too long.  To understand yourself:  your wants, your needs, your desires.  To put you in the driving seat of your life rather than being a passenger on a rollercoaster from hell.  

At the end of the 30 days, you will see the ripples of change across all areas of your life.  All resonating from the HUGE TRANSFORMATION taking place inside of you.  Instead of being the victim, you will become the HERO in your life.

Individual sessions offer you the personalised therapy you need to identify and modify unhealthy beliefs while daily emails keep you on track with set tasks and inspiration.  Group support can help you to feel part of a community of individuals who understand your situation and offer nothing but encouragement and advice.  

Personalised Support

This programme is intensive and personalised.  I work one:one with you and it is not an automated, pre-recorded course.  Every day I provide specific guidance and support just for you.  Because of the unique nature of this programme, I can only work with 5 clients at a time so your first session will be FREE to ensure we are best suited to working together  I will be giving 100% so I need you to in order to get the results.  

I am offering this for a VERY LIMITED PERIOD at just £99 so if you are ready to transform you life from fear and self loathing to self belief and confidence, sign up fast!


 I had a direction establishing session with Sarah! Awesome, intelligent, professional go-to-person! She was listening and picking up on what matters for me and my personal growth.  Highly recommended coach!     Mira

 Sarah is a wonderful person, who listens to your needs and knows just the right way to motivate you and coach you . I would definitely recommend that you have at least one coaching session with Sarah .....    Sam

I would give the course 10/10.  I felt that Sarah was very encouraging and non judgemental which makes it easier to those difficult questions .... I would recommend this course   Shari