Providing specialised therapy for narcissistic abuse survivors


I am Sarah Squires, Founder of The Nurturing Coach.  We are the only dedicated support service for survivors of narcissistic abuse in the UK.  We also have clients all over the world.


After searching for specialist support myself in those early days when I felt alone and like I was losing myself, and finding nothing, I made it my mission to create what I myself had needed in the hope it would help at least one other person.  What has grown out of that need, is a passionate desire to provide specialised support for anyone experiencing this insidious abuse, no matter where they are in their journey.

Narcissistic abuse uk

Our Story

When we first experienced narcissistic abuse in our personal life, we found people quick to dismiss our experience.  They listened and could see the narcissists behaviour was weird but they simply couldn't comprehend the depth of the experience and how it had changed our life completely.


Even professionals couldn't provide me with the answers or support I was looking for.  We felt alone.


So once we had recovered sufficiently, we set up The Nurturing Coach.  Initially we just wanted to express ourselves to help others but as it grew, we did too, and so we set about putting our professional expertise to good use and provide one:one support for victims as well.  We wanted others to know they weren't alone.  That we understood and wanted to help.  And here we are!

So who are we?

Sarah Squires

Founder & CEO



about sarah squires

I am an NLP Practitioner, trainee level 5 counsellor/psychotherapist trained in couples and family therapy, REBT, PTSD, child protection and parental mental health, and life coaching.


I am also an ex child protection social worker so I am focused on protecting children caught in abusive relationships.  I understand how narcissists present to professionals and how they can manipulate the system to perpetuation the abuse.  I am a recognised expert in parental alienation and personality disordered parenting (check out my other business NAPARRC).


Rachel Cason

Counsellor and Life Story Therapist

narcissistic abuse uk

I am a Level 5 trained counsellor with experience working with trauma. I have personal and professional experience working with issues around narcissistic abuse and empowering others to better understand their own experiences.


Adele Amanda


Narcissistic Abuse uk

Expert Narcissist Abuse Therapist
My specialist role is working with people affected by narcissist abuse.
I also work as a Psychotherapist / Counsellor with adults and children. I am trained in Life Coaching, N.L.P  and C.B.T

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