Providing specialist support for anyone attempting to recover from a narcissistic relationship…

Each of us is committed to you.  To providing you with a safe environment to tell your story and to heal.  To be non-judgemental and provide advice where needed.  We are empathetic, compassionate and understanding. 

We provide specialist treatments for PTSD because we know that one of the hardest parts in moving forward is learning to live without fear.

Sarah Squires

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I set up this specialist therapy service after repeated conversations with my own clients about how their previous experience of therapy was made harder by the fact that their therapist did not understand what they had been through and so they often ended up feeling invalidated and even gaslighted. After taking the huge step to speak to someone, you at least want someone who understands and believes you! Hence The Nurturing Coach was born. I recruit only individuals who have lived experience so they have walked in your shoes and they are all personally trained by me in narcissistic abuse and parental alienation so they understand exactly what you have been through. I am a qualified social worker, BACP registered therapist, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, PTSD Practitioner, Energy Worker and have my own personal experience and healing journey to draw upon.

Debi Richens

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Soul Strategist

Master Practitioner NLP+ ™ Coach, Master Practitioner Time Line Resourcing® Coach, Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy Coach & Master Practitioner Personal Evolution Coach

Adele Amanda

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Expert Narcissistic Abuse Therapist

I am a person-centred counsellor and life coach. I specialise in narcissistic abuse recovery, co-parenting with a narcissist and parental alienation. I am very passionate about helping you to build a framework of coping mechanisms and strategies to enable you to move forward. Learning from my own life experience and further training I will share skills and tools to utilise you to be able to be you again. I can support you through the stages of recovery needed, communication with the other parent and guidance to help you support your children. My aim is to help you to live a healthier and happier life that you truly deserve.

Dr Rachel Cason

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Counsellor and Life Story Therapist.

I am a Level 5 trained counsellor with experience in working with trauma. I have personal and professional experience of working with issues around narcissistic abuse and empowering others to better understand their own experience.

Janine Currie

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Integrative Counsellor

I am an integrative counsellor working with adults using a Person-Centred approach. Fully qualified and trained to advanced level 5, including trauma and rewind therapy. I have an in-depth knowledge and experience of dealing with Narcissistic Abuse and parental alienation. My aim is to help you recover from Narcissistic abuse in an empathic and compassionate way by helping you to:-
Make sense of the confusion.
Support and coach you through your journey of awareness.
Help to eliminate the self-doubt.
Empower you, working on your self-confidence and self-worth.
Help you to cut the ties of co dependency.
All within a safe, understanding and confidential space.

You are here because you recognise that your relationship was abusive. You have probably googled behaviour and found the term “narcissist”.

What Now?

You have made the first step by coming here. That tells me that you want answers.

What happened? Why didn’t I see the signs? How can they get away with this? Why can’t I stop thinking about them? Am I crazy?

No, you are absolutely not crazy

Well no more crazy than any of us! You just crossed paths with a very disturbed and exploitative individual who has insidiously destroyed your sense of reality and self.

Good new is that you are in the right place to start to get some answers and start your journey back to your true self.

NB I deliberately use gender neutral language because I know that abuse like this has nothing to do with what hangs or doesn’t hang between your legs. We work with men and women in gay and straight relationships.

How Do we Know All This?

Because we lived it.

Each one of The Nurturing Coach team has lived experience of a narcissistic ex. We have felt lost, confused, angry, frustrated, defeated. 

We have experienced the lies, the manipulations, the physical attacks, the humiliation. And felt the sorrow and not knowing what to do for the best.

And we have seen the cycle continue through the children.

We have felt the disappointment of turning to professionals for guidance and support only to be belittled and made to feel we were overly dramatic (which obviously is exactly what the ex used to say). 

We have been re-triggered and abused by the system designed to keep us and our children self.

And we had enough.

So The Nurturing Coach was born out of a desire to fight back. To ensure that no-one ever felt that way. That others knew they weren’t alone and weren’t imagining what was happening.

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