Why the narcissist blames you for everything

The sudden fall from grace can literally be like hitting the ground from a 10ft drop.  The person who once adored everything about you and made you feel like you were the best thing since sliced bread has turned on you faster than a spinning top and now you are a monster to them. When… Continue reading Why the narcissist blames you for everything

Preparing For Court Against A Narcissist

Most people believe that Family Court is for extreme cases and child abusers.  They never imagine they will end up having to go themselves because their ex is determined to use the legal system to continue to abuse them.  But here you are.  Let’s get prepared. I remember being sat in a child protection conference… Continue reading Preparing For Court Against A Narcissist

Divorcing A Narcissist

It’s never-ending. I just want to move on but they won’t let me. I feel like I will never escape” Client attempting to divorce a narcissist Tweet The majority of my client work is with individuals who are separated/divorced from a narcissistic ex.  They all tell a similar story – the ex simply will not… Continue reading Divorcing A Narcissist

20 Signs Your Ex Is Narcissistic

You leave and you’ll never see the kids again Narcissistic mother Things started so well.  They seemed perfect and, even better, they made you feel perfect too.  They lavished praise and attention on you.  It felt wonderful.  It was everything you ever dreamed of. Then they stopped being so affectionate.  They started talking about someone… Continue reading 20 Signs Your Ex Is Narcissistic

Narcissistic Parents

I constantly had to tell my mother she was perfect to keep her happy Daughter of a narcissist Our family is supposed to be our safe place, our secure base off which to bounce into adulthood and explore the world. Our parents are supposed to nurture our confidence, self esteem, identity and independence. Sadly, children… Continue reading Narcissistic Parents

Parental Alienation

A distraught divorced mother reports that when her formerly loving daughter returns from contact with her father, the child treats her with disrespect and hostility. A divorced father of a 12-year-old boy (who lives primarily with his mother) says that his son insists that he does not want any contact with his father: “If I… Continue reading Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation and Accountability

DISORDERED PARENTING AND PARENTAL ALIENATION Disordered parenting and parental alienation affects hundreds of thousands of children every year in the UK alone.  And yet cases are often misrepresented and misinterpreted leading children to being left in the care of abusive parents, all  under the supervision of agencies whose sole responsibility is to protect vulnerable children.… Continue reading Parental Alienation and Accountability

False Allegations

False allegations have become a common feature in Family Court.  They can be made by resident or non-resident parent and their aim is to regain control over the situation and the children.  They are a common feature of attachment based parental alienation. Any allegation has to be investigated (rightly so) but a repeated pattern of… Continue reading False Allegations

How do I deal with my child rejecting me?

It doesn’t make any sense, we used to be so close, what happened? Children rejecting their parents goes against everything we know about attachment and parenting.  We are biologically programmed to NEED our parents for survival so when a child turns away from that, it’s a sign of deep emotional and psychological trauma.   Having worked… Continue reading How do I deal with my child rejecting me?

Child Court Order – What Is It And Do I Need One?

So your ex has stopped you from seeing the children or is making decisions which you disagree with.  They refuse to communicate and so you have no choice but to seek legal advice and apply for a court order. What is it? Firstly, we need to take a step back.  In the UK, applications for… Continue reading Child Court Order – What Is It And Do I Need One?