Many people who have experienced narcissistic abuse want answers, want to stop obsessing and want to break free but are worried that they will never move on, they will always be under their control and they will spend the rest of their lives alone or anxious


Our expert therapists and coaches will show you exactly how you can go from feeling alone, confused by what happened and fearful of the future to clarity and confidence to make a decision for yourself in just one hour even if you have always put everyone else first


You can be free and you can go on to live a fulfilled, peaceful and happy life full of love.

Break free from narcissistic abuse
breaking free from chains of narcissistic abuse

Did you know that up to 90% of people who have experienced narcissistic abuse struggle to move on and either have more abusive relationships or become alienated from their children and families? Have you ever wondered what comes next?  Are you stuck because you feel too paralysed by fear to poke the issue or too angry to think straight?


I get it.  I have worked with hundreds of people who have been to workshops or had one to one sessions with me and I promise you that being late does not give someone reason to accuse you of cheating, going through your phone or those accusations of being selfish and ungrateful are not true and not your fault.  What comes next though is a choice you can make fully for you.  Right now, in this moment, all the power is in your hands.


You could stay here.  Going over every conversation you ever had wondering if it was a lie.  Beating yourself up for staying as long as you did.  Considering contacting them because you might be able to salvage something from the relationship.  Or even just not quite sure where you go from here.  Is there even anywhere to go?

Or you could take a step towards freedom.  Towards putting yourself first and respecting your feelings and wants and needs.  To understanding more about yourself and what wounds need healing before you put yourself out there again.


Here are some of the things you could discover in the one hour call:

  • That you are a rescuer and are attracted to people who "need" you to fix them in some way but that keeps you locked in an abusive dynamic
  • That you have been surrounded by narcissists all your life and their behaviours are familiar and in some way comforting because it is what you know best
  • That you have forgotten who you really are and so become who others want you to be
  • That you want to start over again, from scratch and build your life as you want it to be, not how you have been programmed to want it to be
  • That you do want to fall in love again but are scared because you don't think you can cope with being hurt again and don't trust yourself in knowing if something is a red flag or if you are being over sensitive

But whatever happens, I can guarantee that it will be an opportunity to practice decision making for YOU.  Your chance to really decide what you want.  And maybe even the chance to say "no" for the first time.  I welcome that because that would show an incredible shift in you.

During the call we will get a "screenshot" of where you are right now, explore exactly where you want to be and put a plan in place to get you there.


What my clients say:

So supportive, so much knowledge and understanding. Gives really clear advice, support. I’m not sure how I’d manage without her. I feel clearer, empowered and have my strength back after talking to Sarah 🙏🏻 every time

The resources of The Nurturing Coach have helped me gain insights into my situation. This accelerated my personal progress and healing. Sarah Squires is gifted in wisdom and experience and I feel so blessed that she is willing to share what she knows.
Thank you for helping me understand
It's FREE to have a call with me and to make sure that works for us both you'll leave a £39 deposit before our call.  This does two things.  Firstly it asks you to make a commitment to you FOR YOU.  Secondly, if you don't show up on the call because you had that same feeling of anxiety whenever you told the narcissist you were doing to do something for yourself, or you choose to prioritise someone else, I will keep the deposit as a lesson to you to follow through on your promises you make to yourself.
Here's exactly what you can expect from the call:
  • You book the call at a time convenient to yourself using our online calendar and payment is taken at the time of booking.
  • Your call will be via Skype and will last approximately one hour so try to ensure that you won't be disturbed during this time.
  • Please be punctual because it is your hour and if you are late you will lose out on time and I want you to get the most out of it and real value for money.
  • Although I have a structure to these calls, it is always lead by you.  That might feel scary to you because you have been so used to being told what to do but this is the first step in breaking those cycles so try to embrace it and know that silence is OK sometimes.  It won't last for long and there is absolutely no anger or pressure behind the silence, just space to think and process your/my thoughts
  • At the end of the call, I will offer you some options to move things forward and you have the freedom and respect to make whatever choice is best for you.  I welcome you to take your time to consciously decide what feels most congruent to you.  Again, this may feel uncomfortable but this is about you breaking free from those patterns so please sit with it.


Here's the options you will have following the call:


Option 1 - you decide you are exactly where you need to be and have more clarity for where you are and aren't ready for anything else.  Full respect to you if this is where you decide to stay.

Option 2 - you are ready to unpick what has happened and break those toxic patterns of co-dependency with the help of an experienced therapist who has lived experience of narcissistic abuse.


Option 3 - you recognise how your past has impacted your decisions and identity and are now ready to redesign your life and yourself, taking you out of your comfort zone which has kept you safe but stuck, and leading you towards the life you dream of in every way. True Freedom.




If for any reason you feel that you can't make one of the decisions above and the call hasn't helped you in some way then your deposit comes back to you 100% no questions asked'.  I will issue a full refund via PayPal (the original payment method) within 24 hours but usually immediately

Now's the time to make that choice.  Are you ready to Break Free and start to redesign your life or do you want to stay stuck in old patterns which leave you feeling rejected, confused and unsure of yourself?

The power is in your hands.

Are you ready?