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Module 1 Introduction and Instructions
Lesson 1 Introduction
Module 2 The Hostile Parent
Lesson 1 What is hostile parenting?
Lesson 2 Narcissistic Parenting
Lesson 3 Child's Behaviours
Lesson 4 Causes of hostile parenting
Lesson 5 Parenting Style
Lesson 6 Personality Disorders
Lesson 7 Can they change?
Lesson 8 Self Reflection
Module 3 Impact of Abuse and Parenting Through Conflict
Lesson 1 About This Module
Lesson 2 Introduction
Lesson 3 Impact on the child
Lesson 4 Parental Alienation
Lesson 5 Impact on the adult
Lesson 6 PTSD
Lesson 7 Physical Health
Lesson 8 Financial impact
Lesson 9 Impact on relationships
Lesson 10 Parenting through conflict
Module 4 Parallel Parenting and Communication
Lesson 1 About this module
Lesson 2 Introduction
Lesson 3 Co-Parenting, Parallel Parenting and Counter Parenting
Lesson 4 Parallel Parenting
Lesson 5 Parenting Plan
Lesson 6 Parallel Parenting Toolkit
Lesson 7 Communication
Lesson 8 Communicating with your children
Module 5 Assertiveness and Boundaries
Lesson 1 What is assertiveness?
Lesson 2 How assertive are you?
Lesson 3 Exercises for becoming more assertive
Lesson 4 Explaining assertiveness to children
Lesson 5 Helping your child become more assertive
Lesson 6 What are boundaries and why are they important?
Lesson 7 How to set boundaries
Lesson 8 Children and boundaries
Lesson 9 Helping children set boundaries
Module 6 Family Court Toolkit
Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Divorcing A Narcissist
Lesson 3 Hostile Aggressive Parenting Assessment
Lesson 4 Increase Your Understanding
Lesson 5 Post Separation Abuse
Lesson 6 Criteria For Psychological Abuse
Lesson 7 Children And High Conflict
Lesson 8 Narcissistic Abuse As An Adverse Childhood Experience
Module 7 Recovery from Co-dependency and Trauma Bonds
Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Codependency
Lesson 3 Recovery from trauma bonds
Lesson 4 Understanding your own personality
Lesson 5 Understanding your attachment style
Module 8 Child First Parenting
Lesson 1 Help! My child is being used as a weapon
Lesson 2 Protecting Your Children From Emotional Abuse and Neglect
Lesson 3 Circle Of Security Parenting Programme
Lesson 4 Positive Parenting After Abuse
Module 9 Self Care
Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Recovery From CPTSD
Lesson 3 Resilience
Lesson 4 Reclaming Your Identity
Lesson 5 Self love