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Module 1 Introduction and Instructions
Lesson 1 Welcome and Workbook
Lesson 2 Facebook Group
Module 2 Laying The Foundations
Lesson 1 Goal Setting
Lesson 2 Managing Your PTSD, Anxiety and Grief
Lesson 3 Releasing The Trauma Bond
Lesson 4 Developing Assertiveness Skills
Module 3 What To Expect
Lesson 1 From Your Ex
Lesson 2 From The Process
Lesson 3 From The Professionals
Lesson 4 Managing Expectations
Module 4 Preparation
Lesson 1 Trauma and Triggers
Lesson 2 Predicting Your Exes Behaviour and Choosing Your Representation
Lesson 3 Proving Abuse and Lies
Lesson 4 Staying Calm and Developing Confidence
Module 5 Overcoming Obstacles
Lesson 1 False Allegations and Psychological Evaluations
Lesson 2 Handling Bad Reports or Hearings
Lesson 3 Managing Delays
Lesson 4 Challenging Others Statements
Module 6 Protecting The Children
Lesson 1 Impact Of Having A Narcissistic Parent
Lesson 2 Parenting Behaviours of a Narcissist
Lesson 3 Practicing Parallel Parenting
Lesson 4 Being The Parent Your Children Need
Module 7 Additional Support
Lesson 1 Ongoing Support