Everything You Need To Know About Parental Alienation

Module 1 Impact of Parental Alienation
Lesson 1 On The Children
Lesson 2 On The Alienated Parent
Lesson 3 On The Alienating Parent
Lesson 4 On Professionals
Lesson 5 On Society
Module 2 The Truth About Parental Alienation
Lesson 1 Attachment Styles
Lesson 2 Pathogenic Parenting
Lesson 3 Enmeshment, Infantilisation and Munchausen's
Lesson 4 Smear Campaigns and Flying Monkeys
Lesson 5 Sexual Abuse and Narcissism
Module 3 Parental Alienation and the Law
Lesson 1 Parental Alienation as Abuse
Lesson 2 Parental Alienation Law (UK)
Lesson 3 Family Court, Abuse and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Module 4 Parental Alienation Live Workshops
Lesson 1 Why does the narcissistic alienate you?
Lesson 2 Why Children Lie In Parental Alienation Cases
Lesson 3 Are Family Courts Biased?
Lesson 4 Parental Alienation and Domestic Abuse
Lesson 5 Am I The Narcissist?
Lesson 6 How Do You Explain Parental Alienation To A Child?
Lesson 7 How Do We Solve A Problem Like Parental Alienation?
Module 5 What The Experts Say
Lesson 1 Clinical Psychologist
Lesson 2 Barrister
Lesson 3 Attachment Based Approach
Lesson 4 Steven Miller, MD
Module 6 Frequently Asked Questions
Lesson 1 Can I Force My Children To See Me?
Lesson 2 What Are The Symptoms Of Parental Alienation
Lesson 3 What Is The Difference Between Estrangement and Alienation?
Lesson 4 What Are The Main Tactics Used By Alienators?
Lesson 5 The Main Roles In Parental Alienation
Module 7 Additional Reading
Lesson 1 Barking Up The Wrong Tree
Lesson 2 The Crime Of Parental Alienation
Lesson 3 Criteria For Psychological Abuse
Lesson 4 The Role Of False Memories In Parental Alienation
Lesson 5 Attachment Theory and Parental Alienation
Lesson 6 Family Relations Test
Lesson 7 Family Law Reform
Lesson 8 Emotional Child Abuse
Lesson 9 Contact Failure Therapeutic Jurisprudence
Lesson 10 Warshak Overview
Lesson 11 Alienation or Estrangement