False allegations are on the rise in Family Court and are often used to stop contact between one parent and the children.

This course will provide you with an understanding of why they are used, how they work and what you can do about it.

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Module 1 Introduction and Instructions
Lesson 1 Workbook
Module 2 How it begins
Lesson 1 Starting point
Module 3 False allegations as punishment
Lesson 1 Control and punishment
Module 4 Fooling professionals
Lesson 1 How can they not see?
Module 5 What does this mean for you?
Lesson 1 Non molestation orders
Module 6 You are not alone
Lesson 1 The growing trend
Module 7 The Backdrop
Lesson 1 The gender issue
Module 8 Fighting Back
Lesson 1 Form C1A to Refute Allegations
Lesson 2 13 Ways To Beat False Allegations
Module 9 Conclusion
Lesson 1 Next Steps
Lesson 2 Get Court Ready