Get You Ready Coaching

get court ready

Empowering and educating victims of abuse to protect themselves from narcissists in Family Court

We understand the devastation of family court because we’ve been there. The abuse, the trauma, the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.  This programme is our specially designed online programme to prepare you fully for court against a narcissist. We will walk you through how to stand up for yourself, severe the trauma bond so they can no longer bait you, manage your trauma, deal with professionals and protect the children. All available online with videos and workbooks plus weekly support sessions. 



Module 1 Welcome
Lesson 1 Welcome Video and Instructions
Module 2 The Preparation
Lesson 1 Instructions
Lesson 2 Decide What You Want
Lesson 3 Overcoming Your PTSD
Lesson 4 Releasing The Trauma Bond
Lesson 5 Taking Back Control
Lesson 6 Action Planning
Module 3 The Narcissist In Court
Lesson 1 Instructions
Lesson 2 Know Your Enemy
Lesson 3 Why The Narcissist Does So Well In Court
Lesson 4 Handling The Narcissist In Court
Lesson 5 Fighting False Allegations
Lesson 6 Being Objective
Module 4 Rewriting The Narrative
Lesson 1 Instructions
Lesson 2 Giving The Court What They Want
Lesson 3 Cafcass and Safeguarding
Lesson 4 Managing Your Emotions
Lesson 5 Becoming Your Best Self
Lesson 6 Restoring Balance
Module 5 Communicating With Professionals
Lesson 1 Instructions
Lesson 2 Gang Culture
Lesson 3 Meet the Characters
Lesson 4 Using the Language of Court
Lesson 5 The Power of Non-Verbal Communication
Lesson 6 Boundaries in Family Court
Lesson 7 How To Question Effectively
Module 6 Trauma and Triggers
Lesson 1 Instructions
Lesson 2 Overcoming Victim Mentality
Lesson 3 Trauma Reenactment
Lesson 4 Creating Healthier Beliefs
Lesson 5 Family Systems
Lesson 6 Drop the Ego
Module 7 Find Your Superpower
Lesson 1 Instructions
Lesson 2 You Have The Power
Lesson 3 Creating A Secure Base
Lesson 4 Rewrite The Script
Lesson 5 Focus On Your Strengths
Lesson 6 You Are What You Do
Module 8 Protecting The Innocent
Lesson 1 Instructions
Lesson 2 Let It Go
Lesson 3 Stay With Them
Lesson 4 Deal With It
Lesson 5 The Power Of Forgiveness
Lesson 6 Co-Parenting With A Narcissist
Lesson 7 Additional Support With Co-parenting
Module 9 Bonuses
Lesson 1 Instructions
Lesson 2 Help! My Child Is Being Used As A Weapon
Lesson 3 Boundaries and Assertiveness
Lesson 4 Habit Tracker
Lesson 5 Nurturing Resilience