Parental Alienation is used by narcissists to exert their dominance or maintain their enmeshed relationship with the children.  It is psychological child abuse as well as domestic abuse.

This course provides you with a wealth of resources for you to thoroughly understand the psychology and pathogenic nature of the people who commit this crime as well as advice from leading experts in the field on how to tackle the issues.

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Module 1 Alienating Behaviours and How They Are Achieved
Lesson 1 17 Alienating Behaviours And How To Deal With Them
Lesson 2 Child's Rejection
Lesson 3 Inducing Symptoms Of Alienation In The Child
Lesson 4 How The Role Reversal Core Is Achieved
Module 2 Impact of Parental Alienation
Lesson 1 On The Children
Lesson 2 On The Alienated Parent
Lesson 3 On The Alienating Parent
Lesson 4 On Professionals
Lesson 5 On Society
Module 3 The Truth About Parental Alienation
Lesson 1 Attachment Styles
Lesson 2 Pathogenic Parenting
Lesson 3 Enmeshment, Infantilisation and Munchausen's
Lesson 4 Smear Campaigns and Flying Monkeys
Lesson 5 Sexual Abuse and Narcissism
Module 4 Parental Alienation and the Law
Lesson 1 Parental Alienation as Abuse
Lesson 2 Parental Alienation Law (UK)
Lesson 3 Family Court, Abuse and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Module 5 Parental Alienation Live Workshops
Lesson 1 Why does the narcissistic alienate you?
Lesson 2 Why Children Lie In Parental Alienation Cases
Lesson 3 Are Family Courts Biased?
Lesson 4 Parental Alienation and Domestic Abuse
Lesson 5 Am I The Narcissist?
Lesson 6 How Do You Explain Parental Alienation To A Child?
Lesson 7 How Do We Solve A Problem Like Parental Alienation?
Module 6 What The Experts Say
Lesson 1 Clinical Psychologist
Lesson 2 Barrister
Lesson 3 Attachment Based Approach
Lesson 4 Steven Miller, MD
Module 7 Frequently Asked Questions
Lesson 1 Can I Force My Children To See Me?
Lesson 2 What Are The Symptoms Of Parental Alienation
Lesson 3 What Is The Difference Between Estrangement and Alienation?
Lesson 4 What Are The Main Tactics Used By Alienators?
Lesson 5 The Main Roles In Parental Alienation
Module 8 Additional Reading
Lesson 1 Barking Up The Wrong Tree
Lesson 2 The Crime Of Parental Alienation
Lesson 3 Criteria For Psychological Abuse
Lesson 4 The Role Of False Memories In Parental Alienation
Lesson 5 Attachment Theory and Parental Alienation
Lesson 6 Family Relations Test
Lesson 7 Family Law Reform
Lesson 8 Emotional Child Abuse
Lesson 9 Contact Failure Therapeutic Jurisprudence
Lesson 10 Warshak Overview
Lesson 11 Alienation or Estrangement
Lesson 12 A Comparison of MMPI-2 Profiles Between Parental Alienation Cases and Custody Cases