Positive Parenting After Narcissistic Abuse

Module 1 Introduction and Instructions
Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Instructions
Lesson 3 Join Facebook Group
Module 2 The Hostile Parent
Lesson 1 What is hostile parenting?
Lesson 2 Narcissistic Parenting
Lesson 3 Child's Behaviours
Lesson 4 Causes of hostile parenting
Lesson 5 Parenting Style
Lesson 6 Personality Disorders
Lesson 7 Can they change?
Lesson 8 Self Reflection
Module 3 Impact of Abuse and Parenting Through Conflict
Lesson 1 About This Module
Lesson 2 Introduction
Lesson 3 Impact on the child
Lesson 4 Parental Alienation
Lesson 5 Impact on the adult
Lesson 6 PTSD
Lesson 7 Physical Health
Lesson 8 Financial impact
Lesson 9 Impact on relationships
Lesson 10 Parenting through conflict
Module 4 Parallel Parenting and Communication
Lesson 1 About this module
Lesson 2 Introduction
Lesson 3 Parallel Parenting
Lesson 4 Parenting Plan
Lesson 5 Parallel Parenting Toolkit
Lesson 6 Communication
Lesson 7 Communicating with your children
Module 5 Assertiveness and Boundaries
Lesson 1 What is assertiveness?
Lesson 2 How assertive are you?
Lesson 3 Exercises for becoming more assertive
Lesson 4 Explaining assertiveness to children
Lesson 5 Helping your child become more assertive
Lesson 6 What are boundaries and why are they important?
Lesson 7 How to set boundaries
Lesson 8 Children and boundaries
Lesson 9 Helping children set boundaries
Module 6 Family Court Toolkit
Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Narcissists in Court
Lesson 3 Why narcissists do so well in court
Lesson 4 Preparing your evidence for court
Lesson 5 Presenting your evidence and case
Lesson 6 Hiring a lawyer who understands NPD
Lesson 7 Predicting the future
Lesson 8 Preparing yourself
Lesson 9 What to expect from the process
Lesson 10 What to expect from the exes lawyer
Lesson 11 What to expect from your ex in court
Lesson 12 Choosing the right expert and working with them
Lesson 13 Remaining child focused
Lesson 14 Criteria for psychological abuse and hostile parenting
Module 7 Recovery from Co-dependency
Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 4 Steps to Recovery
Lesson 3 Knowing yourself
Lesson 4 Recovery from trauma bonds
Lesson 5 Understanding your own personality
Lesson 6 Understanding your attachment style
Module 8 Child First Parenting
Lesson 1 Help! My child is being used as a weapon
Module 9 Self Care and Quantum Healing
Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Self care activities
Lesson 3 Developing healthy habits
Lesson 4 Self love
Lesson 5 Working with your energy
Lesson 6 Raising your vibration
Lesson 7 Aligning with your true self
Module 10 Self Reflection
There are no units in this module.