Customer Testimonials

I get that reaching out for help can be daunting.  You probably have lots of doubts and questions.


“Will they understand me?”

“Will they judge me?”

“What if my ex finds out?”

“What If I AM the problem and my ex was right?”

“What if it is a waste of money?”


Any of these sounds familiar?


Let me clear some things up:

  • rest assured that we do understand you (we have all been there) so will never judge you
  • we are completely confidential and would never reveal what happens in sessions to ANYONE
  • your ex has instilled in you that you are the problem because they are incapable of self reflection or taking any responsibility
  • therapy isn’t about there being a problem, it’s about finding a solution and one that will change your life!


Now whilst I could spend some time telling you how and why, I personally think it is more powerful for you to hear from others.  So this page is dedicated to customer testimonials regarding the work we do.


If you still aren’t sure though, book in for a free no obligation 20 minute chat with one of our team.



"By the way, thank you for the impact your services have made on me! (CCing Janine so she can see my thanks). Lately I've really been noticing the changes in everything we've worked on in all different areas of my life - my own reactivity, career moves, clear-headedness and relationships, so thank you for that!."
Happy Therapy Client
"Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say how much benefit I have had from my counselling sessions with you and your team. They have been so hopeful for me for coming to terms with my experiences with a narcissist and how to co parent going forward. Thanks so much!""
Happy Therapy Client
"Going through the trauma of Parental Alienation with my beautiful daughter, I looked for help. I was exceptionally lucky to have found “The nurturing coach” and was put in touch with Janine Currie. I have had counselling in my life prior to Janine and although the counselling was helpful, it was nothing in comparison to Janine’s approach and knowledge. Janine is articulate, insightful, kind and very practical with her involvement through my journey. Janine sets me tasks to complete, these are carefully thought out and constructed to enable me to get the best from the counselling sessions. She is thorough and with kind eyes I can tell she has a passion for her calling as a counsellor. I have been able to put child traumas to rest, been taught how to be kinder to myself and appreciate that other people’s behaviour is not something I have to tolerate. All I have to say is “Thank-you Janine, I know that I am still on my counselling journey but I wouldn’t want any other counsellor then you”.
Grateful Therapy Client