Uncover The Secrets To Manifesting The Outcome You Desire From Your Divorce From A Narcissist

Without Having To Resort To Dirty Tricks Or Sacrificing Your Integrity (Or Anything Else!)

Divorcing a Narcissist 5 Day Online Workshop

You had enough.  Enough of the lies, the walking on egg-shells, the constant fear over what might or was happening.  You want peace.  For you and for the children.

You want the freedom to be able to breath again.

To not have to worry that you are going to say or do the wrong thing.  The very thing they had asked you to do or the thing they said they loved so much about you.

The freedom to smile without them accusing you of thinking about another person.

The freedom to parent your children in a loving and compassionate way without being accused of being too soft or not good enough.

But you’re scared.

You know what they are capable of.  Everyone else thinks they are a saint. 

“What if everyone believes their lies and see me as the problem?”

How are you going to afford the divorce?  Mediation, court, solicitors all cost money.  

“They won’t be reasonable and will drag it out to try to destroy me financially.”

The kids are going to get dragged into this and you really don’t want that, they have been through enough.  How can you protect them from the conflict?

The reality is that narcissists use the divorce process to exact their revenge on you.

They refuse accountability and resist submission to authority so will keep taking the case back to court until they get the result they want, regardless of cost or impact on the children

Winning and being right are their highest values and they do whatever they need to in order to stay “on top” including lying and disregarding order

They are experts at deceit. That’s why they are successful in court.  They are able to pull the wool over professionals’ eyes and create a compelling narrative full of lies and distortions, all designed to ensure they come out on top.

So how do you make sure the divorce isn’t as perilous as the relationship?

You get the narcissist to reveal their “teeth” as soon as possible in the proceedings.

There’s two ways to do this:

  1. You stop playing into the narrative and feeding them with your emotions
  2. You trigger their anxiety response

In our 5 Day Online Workshop I will be sharing with you the exact steps you need to take in order to manifest the outcome you desire from your divorce.

We will cover:

  • Predict the future by understanding their psychology so that you can identify their weaknesses and how to trigger them
  • Shattering the illusion of Family Court and managing your expectations around the process so that you can respond rather than react
  • Unlocking the secrets to your power which will break the spell they have over you and everyone else
  • Creating a clear vision for your life post-narc so that you can stay focused on the goal in hand and get the job done, freeing you once and for all

All for just £47

The workshop will run over 5 days.  You will receive daily emails with activities to complete as well as having a live session daily to answer any of your questions in a Facebook group. In addition to that you will get access to an online course with extra resources for you to access whenever you need.

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