Are you about to divorce your narcissistic ex and need support and understanding FAST?


You are invited to take part in a 5 day online workshop designed to fully prepare you physically and emotionally for Divorcing a Narcissist whilst maintaining your sanity and your integrity.

20th to 24th July 2020

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This will be a safe space for you to explore your fears and develop the skills to manage them and turn them into strengths, ready to face your ultimate battle

What we will cover:

The Narcissist In Court

Discover the type of narcissist you are dealing with so you can predict exactly how they are going to behave and prepare your case and evidence so that their “surprises” don’t derail you.  

The Process

Uncover why narcissists do so well in court, what your options are, the games they will play and how to select the right solictitor so that you can manage your own expectations, get ahead of them to reduce your own anxiety and reduce theirs and ensure that your solicitor has the right approach to deal with a high conflict, highly manipulative and deceptive individual

How To Handle The Narcissist

Develop personal skills to communicate more assertively and confidently, and manage your emotions so that you become bait proof and your emotions do not define your story which will trigger your exes anxiety and undermine their credibility.

Keeping Going

Create a strong vision for your life post-narc so that you can keep focused and not fall into the trap of surrendering for an easy life.

All for the astonishingly low price of just