False allegations have become a common feature in Family Court.  They can be made by resident or non-resident parent and their aim is to regain control over the situation and the children.

Any allegation has to be investigated (rightly so) but a repeated pattern of of allegations where there is No Further Action from the police investigation or social services often indicates a parent who is:

  • Delusional
  • Controlling
  • Personality Disordered

Many “academics” try to claim that any allegation made by a woman is true and any allegations of parental alienation are made by abusive men (see my blog for a full review of this research).

The truth is false allegations are made by both men and woman due to their personality type, not their gender.  Obviously due to the nature of mother’s being seen as the main caregiver and usually given residency, allegations against men are much higher than against women.  However, I am very clear in my work that I am only interested in behaviour, not gender.

In order for a fuller picture to be obtained about the reality of false allegations in Family Court, I would be grateful if you could complete the survey below.

Survey into False Allegations

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