The Incredible True Story Of How Debra Turned Around 6 Years Of Damning Court Hearings In Just 3 Months – And How You Can Too!

Beating Your Narcissistic Ex In Court doesn’t have to be hard – if you know the secrets of proving abuse, exposing lies and increasing your credibility

Debra is someone a lot like you. 

When she contacted me in June 2020 she was at a loss as to what to do to protect herself and the children.  The court had sided with her ex and her children were at breaking point due to the continued abuse.

Like you she had no idea how to show the court her ex was coercively controlling her and the children (her ex who was a top lawyer no less!)

divorcing a narcissist

Maybe you can relate…..

Debra tried to show how her ex had lied, explain how the abuse was impacting the children and that he was never going to stop unless they intervened.  She pleaded with them to help her but they simply saw him as a good dad and her accusations as an attempt to alienate him.

Out of desperation Debra began Googling terms like “child arrangement orders” and she came across my Get Court Ready programme.

What happened over the next 3 months was astounding….

In August 2020, after 6 years of being disbelieved and reprimanded for her own behaviour, the GAL did a complete 180 and had robustly put her support behind Deborah. As had the Youth Worker. And finally the judge.

Her ex had revealed his true colours and the new court order reflected this with strong protection in place for her and the children.

He still had overnight contact, but the children felt safer and stronger to stand up to his gaslighting.

Debra was cautious at first, even fearing that this would make her ex even worse but 4 months down the line and they are free!  Living their life without fear.  The children are supported and her ex can no longer control her.

In case you are thinking this is a fluke, listen to what Clare has to say:

“From someone 13 years past leaving my abuser, I didn’t think anyone could do anything to improve our situation….This course is worth its weight in gold and from someone who was a bit of a skeptic, I stand corrected! Thank you Sarah, this works and what you’re doing is so powerful.”

If you would like to get results like these and stop your ex from controlling the rest of your life, then you are going to want to sign up for Get Court Ready straight away.

  • a simple step by step guide to preparing for court including a powerful exercise in releasing the trauma bond

  • the inside track on how the professionals think and how to overcome any bias

  • you'll discover the one thing which is holding you back from getting the result you want and how to overcome it

  • you'll learn how to manage your relationship before, during and after court including parallel parenting plan and parenting tools

  • you'll find out why the court process is designed to favour a narcissist and discover how to work the system to get the result you want

  • and so much more

And that’s not all. Order now and you will get the added bonus of free access to our specially designed…


A done-for-you spreadsheet to record all of your evidence in one place, making it easier to share and organise.


  • Proving Abuse
  • Exposing Lies
  • Revealing Patterns
  • Alienating Behaviours

It automatically generates tangible data to show the extent of the abuse, the behavioural patterns and repeated lies told by your ex. You can also include all the alienating behaviours you are experiencing and the prevalence so you can prove, without a doubt, what your ex is doing.

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As you are still reading I know that you feel you need more support and are thinking Get Court Ready might be just what you need but you need to know how much right?


I am so confident that Get Court Ready is the absolute best way for you to beat your ex in court that I am going to back it with my ironclad, unconditional guarantee.

Take the course for a test drive for a full 7 days and if, after that, you are unsatisfied for any reason simply email me and I will immediately issue you a refund. No questions asks. Making this a completely risk free offer.

Written by Sarah Squires, Narcissistic Abuse and Parental Alienation Recovery Coach, author of Communicating With A Narcissist and Help! My Child Is Being Used As A Weapon


Are you ready to go from feeling two steps behind, angry, frustrated and overwhelmed by fear to feeling assertive, confident and powerful? 

This is the only programme designed using expertise in social work, therapy, personality disorders, trauma and family systems to specifically deal with a high conflict, emotionally abusive and manipulative personality type in the Family Court process.

14 specialist units designed to take you from being a victim of projection, gaslighting, baiting and trauma to being in control of the outcome and the process.

I will walk you through each part of the process using instructional videos and workbooks so that you can keep track of your own progress and go through it at your own pace.



I am a father, will this course help me or perpetuate the myth that all victims are women?

I feel very strongly about equal rights and a child’s right to love both parents.  Narcissistic abuse and alienation can happen to men, women, grandparents, siblings and other family members.  It is not a gender issue.  This course does not follow a gender narrative.  It is solely focused on the rights of you, the parent, and how to overcome a personality disordered individual.

Will this product stop my ex using my children?

None of us have the power to change anyone else’s behaviour, particularly someone with a personality disorder but what this course WILL do is help you to achieve success in court and obtain a court order which limits the impact on the children.  You will develop the skills, strength and confidence to implement boundaries which will change your day to life and help your children to navigate their own relationship with their other parent.

I have been in court for years with my ex, how will this course help me?

The likelihood is that you weren’t fully prepared when you first when to court and so you may have found yourself the victim to the process.  This course will help you develop the skills and knowledge to ensure that all future hearings go differently and you get a different result.  Plus you are always going to have this person in your life as they are your children’s parent and so the final section of the course will equip you with the skills to best manage that relationship.

I don’t see my children due to alienation, will this course help me to get them back?

In alienation cases, the court has been exposed to the lies, gaslighting and often love-bombing practices of your ex which are highly effective, especially when up against yourself who would have been not only wounded from the relationship but subjected to further abuse by the system.  This course will help you to present your evidence and yourself in a much more credible way whilst also undermining your exes credibility so that the narrative can be questioned and the truth revealed.

Money is really right, why would I spend my money on this?

I understand that financial abuse is part and parcel of narcissistic abuse and so you have to account for every penny you spend.  However, I guarantee that you will save yourself at least ONE HOUR will a lawyer (which is about £150) so actually you will be saving money by taking this course!