Family Court Expert & Parental Alienation Recovery Coach Reveals…

The Difference Between Being the Bad Parent & Success In Family Court

Because the truth is not enough and reality isn’t all black and white…

If you’re facing the family court system to be granted access to your children then we can safely assume the relationship with your ex is not on the best of terms. 

Most likely every tiny mistake you’ve ever made (and probably some you didn’t!) are being used against you. 

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for the professionals, courts, and your children to be told outright lies about you.  

If that sounds familiar then the Get Court Ready Programme is exactly what you need to show up in court prepared to get the just outcome for you and your children.

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Are you ready to go from feeling like you’re two steps behind, angry, frustrated and overwhelmed to feeling assertive, confident and powerful?

When you’ve been belittled, put down and made out to be the bad parent for years it’s easy to feel hopeless and frustrated.  Social media doesn’t help with the constant taunting and public declaration of your ‘badness’ and it’s not your fault if on occasion you’ve taken the bait.  But we have to be real here.  Your emotions are your enemy in family court and the only way to move forward is to stop taking the bait.

I know that’s easier said than done.  And in no way am I condoning your ex’s behaviour.  But I don’t care so much about them, I care about getting the right outcome for you and your children.

After many years working with families, the court system and professionals I know how we switch all those negative emotions into the drive, determination and confidence you need to win in family court.  Plus this plan works even if you’ve already spent years battling the system.

Introducing Get Court Ready: Your Foolproof Plan For Beating Your Ex in Court

  • a simple step by step guide to preparing for court including a powerful way to get control of your emotions and in release the trauma bond keeping you connected to your ex...

  • the inside track on how the professionals think and how to overcome any bias...

  • you'll discover how to overcome the one thing holding you back from getting the result you want

  • you'll learn how to manage your relationship before, during and after court including parallel parenting plan and parenting tools so you can maintain a relationship your children will look up to

  • you'll find out why the court process is designed to favour a narcissist and discover how to work the system to get the result you want

  • and so much more

From someone 13 years past leaving my abuser, I didn’t think anyone could do anything to improve our situation….This course is worth its weight in gold - from someone who was a bit of a skeptic, I stand corrected! Thank you. This works and what you’re doing is so powerful.
Parent C
After Using Get Court Ready
After 6 years of being disbelieved and reprimanded for my own behaviour, the GAL did a complete 180 and robustly put their support behind me. As did the Youth Worker. And finally the judge! 4 months down the line and we are free! Living life without fear and the children are supported.
Parent D
After Using Get Court Ready

This could be your story too… Even if your ex is a narcissist and is trying to control your life…

This is the only programme using expertise in social work, therapy, personality disorders, trauma and family systems to specifically designed  to deal with facing a high conflict, emotionally abusive and manipulative personality type in the Family Court process.

You’ll get 14 specialist units designed to take you from being a victim of projection, gaslighting, baiting and trauma to being in control of the outcome and the process.  We are going to ge step-by-step through the family court process fully preparing you for any tricks they may *think they have* up their sleeve.

I will walk you through each part using instructional videos and workbooks so that you can keep track of your own progress and go through it at your own pace.

And that’s not all. Order now and you will get the added bonus of free access to our unique evidence capture system… Record all of your evidence in one place, making it easier to share and organise in a way that is proven to show the truth.  It includes:

  • Proving Abuse: Without looking like you are making a fuss over nothing.
  • Exposing Lies: Stop the he said she said and show the truth.
  • Revealing Patterns: That prove to the courts that this is ongoing manipulation.
  • Alienating Behaviours: Record the facts about the situation in real time so you can demonstrate each time you’ve been alienated.

It automatically generates tangible data to show the extent of the abuse, the behavioural patterns and repeated lies told by your ex. You can also include all the alienating behaviours you are experiencing and the prevalence so you can prove, without a doubt, what your ex is doing.

As you are still reading I know that you are ready to change the future and that Get Court Ready might be just what you need but you need to know how much right?

Everything you need to Get Court Ready is at your fingertips for just £47*

I am so confident that Get Court Ready is the absolute best way for you to beat your ex in court that I am going to back it with my ironclad, unconditional guarantee.

Take the course for a test drive for a full 7 days and if, after that, you are unsatisfied for any reason simply email me and I will immediately issue you a refund. No questions asks. >>> Making this a completely risk free offer that could change your life for good. <<<

Why This Course?  

It’s written by Sarah Squires, Narcissistic Abuse and Parental Alienation Recovery Coach, author of Communicating With A Narcissist and Help! My Child Is Being Used As A Weapon.  Sarah has made it her life’s work to right the wrongs of the family court system.   

But what if…?

I feel very strongly about equal rights and a child’s right to love both parents.  Narcissistic abuse and alienation can happen to men, women, grandparents, siblings and other family members.  It is not a gender issue.  This course does not follow a gender narrative.  It is solely focused on the rights of you, the parent, and how to overcome a personality disordered individual.

None of us have the power to change anyone else’s behaviour, particularly someone with a personality disorder but what this course WILL do is help you to achieve success in court and obtain a court order which limits the impact on the children.  You will develop the skills, strength and confidence to implement boundaries which will change your day to life and help your children to navigate their own relationship with their other parent.

The likelihood is that you weren’t fully prepared when you first when to court and so you may have found yourself the victim to the process.  This course will help you develop the skills and knowledge to ensure that all future hearings go differently and you get a different result.  Plus you are always going to have this person in your life as they are your children’s parent and so the final section of the course will equip you with the skills to best manage that relationship.

In alienation cases, the court has been exposed to the lies, gaslighting and often love-bombing practices of your ex which are highly effective, especially when up against yourself who would have been not only wounded from the relationship but subjected to further abuse by the system.  This course will help you to present your evidence and yourself in a much more credible way whilst also undermining your exes credibility so that the narrative can be questioned and the truth revealed.

I understand that financial abuse is part and parcel of narcissistic abuse and so you have to account for every penny you spend.  However, I guarantee that you will save yourself at least ONE HOUR will a lawyer (which is about £150) so actually you will be saving money by taking this course!


Preparing You For Battle Against A Narcissistic Ex
£ 47
  • Include Hardcopy Of The 71 Page Workbook for £57
  • *£47 gives you a downloadable PDF file
  • Use Coupon Code "pdfonly" at the checkout to pay £47

If you want to go it alone completely and save the pennies, you can grab a copy of the workbook for just £14.99.  Filled with activities to fully prepare you for court against a narcissistic ex.


Whilst the course has everything you need to navigate the court process and fully prepare yourself for the games your ex will play, sometimes you need extra support and so for a limited time we am offering 3 hours of one:one support with our specialist Adele for just £200 to really delve deep into your case and ensure you have everything covered. 

Ideal for more complex cases

We have a strategy call with Sarah Squires, our Founder, for which is £150 for 90 minutes.

If this is something you feel is necessary for you please book a free 30 minute consultation to get you started.