Are they refusing to co-operate and agree to any aspects of your separation or divorce?

Do you feel you have no choice but to go to court in order to protect yourself and your children?

Difficult exes will not relinquish control easily and will use the divorce to continue to abuse you. And the truth is they could easily get away with it

You landed on this page either because you were Googling Child Arrangement Orders, child contact or something about your ex stopping you from seeing the children.  Either that or you have just completed our Divorcing A Narcissist short course.

Either way, you are probably feeling very scared and uncertain about what the future holds.  You are in a situation which is completely new to you and you feel out of your depth.

You are looking for answers.  

You came to the right place.

We understand how terrifying the prospect of court is.  You are a private person and yet suddenly you are faced with having to tell complete strangers about the awful details of your relationship with your ex.

Details which you can’t fully comprehend yourself right now.

You know they will make you pay though.

You know your ex is manipulative and charming and you are scared everyone will believe them.

The reality is they might do.


Blamer’s appear very credible in court.  They are emotionally focused, grabbing the judge’s attention and forcing them to take action.

Their high conflict approach perfectly matches the set up of an adversarial court process.

You want peace, they want war.

And war often wins in Family Court

Right now you are staring down the barrel of a gun.

Your ex will probably win in court.

The judge and professionals will believe their lies.

Your ex will stop at to destroy you

They want to destroy you both emotionally and financially

arguing every point

repeatedly threatening to take you to court

consistent breaches of the order

lying to professionals and the children

Having experienced this injustice both first hand and through our work with hundreds of parental separation cases, we want to level the playing field for you.

GET COURT READY is written especially for people like you

People who are tired of being taken advantage of by their ex

People who want to get on with their lives without having to spend every moment defending themselves

The programme will give you the tools to:

Confidently Prepare Yourself For Divorcing A Blamer Without Compromising Your Integrity – Even When They Blame You For Everything!

You will discover





Saving you time, energy and money in the process

You’ve already been ravaged by an abusive relationship.  You are finding it hard to think straight and you just want the whole nightmare to be over so that you can get back to some kind of normality. 

You honestly believed that, even though your ex was horrible to you, that they too would want to get this over and done with as quickly and painlessly as possible.

You weren’t prepared for the reality.

  • The immediate and aggressive accusations.
  • The vitriolic hatred for you
  • The way they are so easily able to manipulate everyone
  • The fact that they will use their own children to hurt you and win

It’s another massive blow and has left you on your knees.  Feeling trapped.

You can’t go back but your ex won’t let you go forward either.


You had no choice but to go to court.  Your ex was refusing to put the children first and it was making you anxious and exhausted.  You hoped once leaving the sleepless nights would stop, you would feel calmer and more relaxed and have control over your life.


Your ex has used the children to lie to you, question you and make allegations against you.  You are blamed for the end of the relationship and they are acting like the innocent victim.  The children are being triangulated into arguments and told too much about the separation.  

You can see the toll it is taking on your children

You feel the toll it is taking on you.

Your believed in the court process, you thought they would help and see what was happening.

But they were taken in by their lies and now you and the children are at the mercy of your ex who seems to have just as much control as they did when you were together.


Your ex presents as:

You present as:

  • charming
  • calm
  • composed
  • clear
  • confused
  • tired
  • emotional
  • angry
  • anxious
  • untrusting

They played the part better and so you are left to deal with it alone

You need the professionals to see the truth

You need ...


The ONLY programme of it’s kind in the whole world.

Specifically designed to give parents like you a substantial advantage in Family Court

Based on solid evidence based practice, specialist knowledge of the child protection arena and thousands of pounds worth of investment into the best and respected tools for you to excel in court

You will discover:

  • exactly what you are dealing with and how that is going to affect the process including the time/cost and behaviours of your ex
  • realistically what your options are and which is the best for you to get the result you want
  • the impact this has/will have on you and how it can be the difference between success and failure
  • how to select the right solicitor who will have effective strategies to tackle your ex and their aggressive approach
  • techniques to prevent escalating your ex and getting involved in the conflict (which makes you look just as bad if not worse)
  • your own cognitive distortions which are impacting your chances of success and your well-being
  • how to manage the court process effectively
  • powerful ways to manage your own emotions including stress, anxiety and grief which are impacting your credibility in court

And much much more… 

This programme will give you the tools to retain your integrity and become the most credible party

Ensuring that the truth is revealed in spectacular fashion!

The techniques I share with you in this programme would cost you thousands of pounds and years of study to master. I want you to get results NOW and so I have put all of my knowledge (child protection social worker and therapist) and experience (thousands of hours of work with parents in the exact same situation as you) into this amazing programme which, if you follow it and embrace all the teachings, will guarantee you success in Family Court


Guarantee Yourself Success In Family Court
£ 297 Lifetime Access
  • Weekly Training and Q & A Sessions
  • 7 Powerful and Specialised Modules
  • 6 Bonus Modules
  • Facebook Support Group (priceless)

Here's Exactly What We Cover...

Our first module is all about the practical preparaton.  You will assess what you are dealing with (mild, moderate or severe case) and what this means in term of likely outcomes.  We explore your options and what is the best course of action for you including self representing versus legal representation and how to select the right solicitor/lawyer.  Discover how best to gather and present your evidence.

Any relationship where you have to go to court to protect yourself and your children is abusive. This section will reveal techniques to help you manage the symptoms of PTSD and develop a plan of attack

This module provides the framework to unpick the narrative, present the truth and trigger the ex to reveal their true colours.

Communication is your greatest weapon and this module is ensuring you have a full arsenal.  You will uncover secret tricks to draw in the crowd and ensure your story is the one they know is true

We all have battle scars and your ex likes picking at them.  This module will help you discover how to become impervious to their attacks and present as the healthy, loving, stable parent you are

This battle would take it out of the strongest individual but you are a superhero!  This module will help you to flex your superpowers and develop the confidence to kick ass.

You are fighting for your freedom.  To live every day without constant interference and attempts to control you. Freedom to have a loving relationship with your children, one you deserve to have without being interrupted.  Freedom for your children to grow up without being used as a weapon, to develop their own sense of self and be confident and happy. This module focuses in on protecting that and your children

  • Save yourself thousands of pounds

    Your ex will seek to financially ruin you through the court process. By having the tools to cut through the bullshit and expose their lies FAST, you will reduce the number of times you have to return to court, giving you more time to enjoy life and your freedom

  • Reveal the truth

    Aside from the immense satisfaction it will give you, it is the most potent way to get the professionals to see the truth. Blamers like your ex are like ghosts, no-one believes you have seen one until they see it for themselves. The tools in this programme will ensure you cut off their supply which will cause them to spectacularly dysregulate - in public!

  • Stop their control over you

    Part of the reason your ex is so successful in court is because they know exactly how to manipulate you. Get ahead of them and stop letting them bait you. Not only will this help in the court process but it will ensure you break the cycle once and for all

  • Cut down the amount of time spent in court

    People like your ex refuse to accept court orders and so they will have you going back and forth like a boomerang. Get the court order you want which best controls the situation to ensure you and the children are left alone to enjoy your time together

How you appear to the court is just as important as getting out the facts

Eddy and Kreger

I understand that right now you are afraid.

Afraid of your ex

And afraid of the court system which is confusing and unpredictable

The court process is designed to force you to blame one another, legally reinforcing your exes narrative that you are at fault.  Sadly this means that their rigid belief that you are all bad and they are all good, can be very persuasive in court.  They also love the power and control they can gain from the process.  

If you don't prepare for this, you will lose


47 specially designed coaching tools worth over £2,000

7 modules, each containing a minimum of 6 units, each with a specialist coaching tool designed specifically for people in your situation.

All for a one off payment (plan is available) with no hidden costs and nothing charged by the hour.



Guarantee Yourself Success In Family Court
£ 297 Lifetime Access
  • Weekly Training and Q & A sessions
  • 7 Powerful and Specialised Modules
  • 6 Bonus Modules
  • Facebook Support Group (priceless)

What people say about the programme...

You have no idea how much you have helped me!! I feel the education I have gotten here has helped me to see the light...Your have really saved my life, my heart, my soul x
Who was able to get professionals to take notice after taking our advice
The boys no longer think I am the enemy...they happily come to me.
Alienated father, now in regular unsupervised contact with his children
I got asked this question and I didn’t know what to say. I really wish I had done this course before so I could have been prepared.
Attempting to co-parenting with a narcissist

These additional workbooks will provide you will all the information you need to successfully navigate the Family Court process 

The bonuses I have designed are approved extra’s which virtually put victory in your hands

Designed to answer all those questions you have about representing yourself in court, if that’s what you choose to do.

Learn about why and when Cafcass will become involved in your case, what to expect and their obligations.

This guide provides you with insider knowledge about what Social Workers are looking for and how you can best represent your case.

This is all about providing you with the tools to stay the course. The ex is obsessed with the victory and so you need all the strength you can get as will your children. Things won’t always go your way so this guide provides practical tools for you and your children to build your “bounce-back-ability”

This workbook is a great compliment to the course as it helps you to develop your assertiveness skills and set some firm boundaries which will keep you and your children safe both now and in the future

Throughout the course we are looking at developing new, more powerful and more helpful habits. Like all new things this will feel odd at the start so the habit tracker is there for you to see yourself change until your new habits are as natural as brushing your teeth.

A private Facebook Group to provide you with both peer support from one another and additional coaching from myself where necessary.

The course will ask you to delve deep and this support group will be there to ask questions or explore any issues which arise.  It’s the wrap around care which I want to provide as you go through one of the most difficult experiences of your life.


47 specially designed coaching tools worth over £2,000

7 modules, each containing a minimum of 6 units, each with a specialist coaching tool designed specifically for people in your situation.

All for a one off payment (plan is available) with no hidden costs and nothing charged by the hour.


Still unsure?

Book a free 20 minute call and let us answer any questions you may have


If you haven't experienced success in Family Court within 6 months of purchase and after fully implementing everything in this programme, I will not only refund you ALL OF YOUR MONEY, but I will work with you one on one to get you that success

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