Do you want to learn how to gain more clarity over your next steps, unpick your exes lies and undermine their authority with professionals without having to resort to dirty tricks, develop strategies to manage your triggers so your ex no longer has any control over you, discover your inner power which terrifies your ex and develop strategies to effectively manage the co-parenting relationship and reduce the impact on your children?

My son started to withdraw from me, he didn't want to cuddle me and he became quite angry towards me. I couldn't understand it because we had always been close. He eventually confessed that his dad had been telling him horrible things about me and that he should't love me. He is now so anxious about spending time with his dad that it is making him ill. But no-one will listen and I am afraid I will get accused of alienating him"


Maybe it has already happened to you and you want to know how you can get your children back and the professionals to take notice

You have probably already discovered that the courts are not designed to deal with narcissists.  They have bought into the superficial charm and “perfect parent” narrative even though you have evidence to the contrary.  You feel unheard and like the decision has already been made.

All you want to do is protect yourself and your children but you are being portrayed as being difficult and uncooperative. 

They don’t understand grey rock or parallel parenting and so you are punished for not responding to their every message.  The court encourages your ex to violate your boundaries and rewards them with more time with the children.

When you push back, you are seen as being aggressive and causing conflict.

The narcissist is winning and your relationship with your children is at risk. What do you do?

Your biggest problem right now is that your ex is more credible than you and so everything they say has value and is given weight.  You have virtually no credibility and so your words are almost discarded.  You are being gaslighted again!

It’s just how your ex treated you and this creates two main problems for you.

  1. It triggers your fight/flight response meaning you can appear either aggressive or unstable, which reinforces their narrative
  2. Your sense of reality is compromised and so you give up and agree to terms which you aren’t happy with

It is therefore important that you prepare yourself for the next court battle by tackling these issues head on.

Get Court Ready will guide you through the process of managing your own emotions and anxiety so that you can present as calm and rational

It is specifically designed to support your emotional well-being throughout the process as well as using knowledge of child protection to help you restore a positive relationship with the professionals involved which will assist you in being heard. 

Your ex is using your emotions against you.  Once you take that power away from them, you will trigger their own anxiety response which will result in narcissistic injury and rage.  Do this in the court room and you have powerfully rewritten the narrative.  

GET COURT READY will give you the skills and insight to do just that


The Preparation

The Preparation

If you haven't been to court yet then it is important that you are prepared. This first module will give you the foundation for setting up a strong case

Managing Your Symptoms

Managing Your Symptoms

Your relationship with your ex has left you doubting yourself, unsure of reality and probably with PTSD. Managing your symptoms will help you to gain clarity of thought so that you can make decisions yourself rather than relying upon others, you can focus on the parts you can control rather than worrying about all the elements which are out of your control, and you can develop a strong plan of action

Rewriting The Narrative

Rewriting The Narrative

Your ex has set themselves up to be the victim and rescuer of the children from you, the abusive monster who they are all so afraid of. Unpicking this is paramount in reducing their credibility and enhancing yours

Communicating With Professionals

Communicating With Professionals

Your ex is very persuasive and brilliant at creating rapport. Your anxiety and emotional vulnerability means that you don't always come across very well. You need to learn how to communicate effectively by understanding all aspects of communication. Beating them at their own game!

Understanding Your Trauma and Triggers

Understanding Your Trauma and Triggers

Your ex knows your triggers and will poke at them to elicit a reaction from you to feed into their narrative. When you are able to manage those triggers yourself, your ex has no power left over you

Utilising Your Strengths

Utilising Your Strengths

Your ex has left you believing that you are incapable and that they will always win. But what you have forgotten is that they saw something in you which they wanted but don't have and that is your strength. Time to flex those muscles!

Effective Strategies For Supporting Your Children

Effective Strategies For Supporting Your Children

Your ex is going to triangulate your children into this process. They will have them lying to professionals and causing conflict with you. This will create anxiety and shame within the children and so you need to learn how to support them through this


how can this programme help me with my case?

This programme is written specifically to deal with exes with personality disorders. Their behaviours are highly specific and therefore the approach needs to be equally specific. Without that specialised preparation you are attempting to go to court against a "normal person" which your ex is absolutely not


Firstly it was written by someone with extensive knowledge of personality disorders as well as child protection experience as a social worker. This is the inside track on Family Court as well as the expertise in your exes behaviours. Secondly, it is working. This programme is already helping families to get better outcomes

Why is it £497?

I understand that when you are divorcing a narcissist, they are going to cut you off financially and so you are extra cautious with your cash. Plus you have heard all these horror stories about it costing £100,000's. It's important to understand that those cases did not have the right support or guidance from the start, they were forced to fight a battle they were not emotionally ready for and so they may have wasted money on the wrong approach and even the wrong solicitor. The bottom line is that you are going to spend that £497 on your court case. That could be on solicitors fees for one or two letters, a barrister for an hour or some other unexpected cost associated with your ex. However, by investing £497 now, you are going to save yourself money in the long run because with the right strategy and approach, you will reduce the amount of hearings you need to attend and be able to negotiate a more favourable financial settlement.


We are happy to offer you additional support sessions to ensure you get the most out of the programme. We genuinely want you to get the best result and so we will support you as much as we can to do so. Once you purchase the course, simply drop us an email at and we can discuss what additional support you need

is there a guarantee?

Absolutely. If you find that you aren't getting the results you were hoping after implementing everything in the course, simply drop us an email at and we will be happy to refund you

I'm still not sure, can we have a chat about it?

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  • over 47 coaching tools specifically designed for dealing with hostile exes in the court process
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