Get rid of your children's unwanted behaviour TODAY

Managing children’s unwanted behaviour is all part and parcel of parenting but it can be exhausting.  So if you are sick of living in a war zone and hearing your own voice saying “no”, try this approach today.


children's unwanted behaviour


Focus on the positives


It can be hard when you are having issues with children because it can take up a lot of your energy in dealing with that. But I am a strong believer in Law of Attraction and therefore the more energy you give the negative behaviour, the more negative behaviour you attract.


So starting today, focus on what your children do RIGHT rather than what they do wrong. Give lots of praise and attention when they do something well or as asked.


Positive Reinforcement


This is also known as positive reinforcement. You reinforce, with positive feedback, the behaviour that you want to see more of. For example, when they tidy their toys away give them lots of “well done”‘, “thank you”, “you’re my star” to reinforce that this is wanted behaviour. Children love attention so will want more of this so will keep trying to please you, thus increasing wanted behaviour.


Get rid of your children’s unwanted behaviour TODAY


Equally, you should be ignoring negative behaviour (unless it is dangerous to themselves or someone else) to reinforce that they will get no attention from that and is therefore unwanted. So when they draw on the wall, rather than keep telling them off (giving them attention) simply take the pen away without saying a word.


This is hard because our natural reaction is to respond with our own emotions (anger, frustration) but by ignoring the behaviour you are taking control of both your emotions and the situation. This will result in a much calmer and relaxed environment for you and your children.


Try this today and let me know how you get on, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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