Costing you less money, reducing the time spent in court and away from your children, and putting you back in control

(even if you're going head to head with a difficult ex and you've no idea how any of this works...)

Finally!  Someone who speaks sense on the inside is revealing these little known methods for getting the result you deserve in family court.  Once you’ve discovered the transformational power of this program you’ll wish you’d had it right back at the start.   

war in family court

Did you know that 76.3% of parents stated that Family Court had caused financial ruin and emotional devastation. Have you ever wondered why they take so many years to process? Are you stuck because you just don't know what step to take next?

A recent survey showed that 38 out of 54 parents with Child Arrangement Orders had exes who repeatedly broke the court order.

It’s why even a Final Order is rarely a final order.

I get your frustration.  It’s not your fault, you’ve probably heard all the free advice (usually worth what you pay for it) and well-meaning solutions from family and friends.  It sometimes feels like professionals speak a different language and you’re less certain of the next steps than ever.

This is what I do, help is here.

You could spend a few years qualifying as a child protection social worker, being the director of a child protection centre and contributing to reports delivered to parliament on parental alienation like I did.  Or if you feel like you’ve enough on your plate already you could opt for the simple no B.S. system for cutting through the family court drama and re-uniting yourself with your children.  I watched hundreds of children go needlessly to contact centres, saw families battered by the stress of family court and good people have to defend hearsay and accusation instead of spending time with their children.

Here are just a few things we will cover together...

get child arrangement order
  • How to become laser focused on the outcome you want and not sidetracked by all the lies and bullshit...
  • Becoming the expert at delivering the real narrative of this story
  • Showing your tactical genius with the inside knowledge to defeat the enemy (including professionals)
  • Being a superhero whose resilience knows no bounds and will save the day

With cases so regularly being returned to court, it is important you know that this is not simply a battle. But a war.  And so, like any good general, you need strength, resilience and a sure-fire battle plan. 

Imagine in a years time, you’ve spent £40,000 on court fees and are still no closer to a resolution.  Your ex is still gate-keeping contact and allegations continue to be made as soon as you begin to rebuild your relationship with your child.  Or perhaps your ex is ramping up their manipulation of the children every time they have contact, resulting in your relationship with your child becoming strained and confrontational.  Either way, they are determined to punish you by using the children.

What will your life look like minus £40,000?  Who will be around you after a year of stress and depression caused by the constant battles? How will you be able to cope with work?  What will your relationship with your children be like after all this time?

These are the realities you are facing right now.

In a recent poll, 30 out of 54 parents hadn’t seen their children for over a year

That’s 365 days and nights fighting to see the children you love so dearly.  Missing out on making them breakfast, taking them to school or nursery, cuddles at bedtime.  Birthdays and Christmas go by without you sharing in the joy of watching them open their presents.

A year of constant battles over every little detail.  Your child blaming you because of the lies they are being fed. Rejecting you because it’s the only way for them to get what they need from your ex.  Your child’s emotional well-being being destroyed before your eyes.

Blow after blow and yet you can’t give up. Giving up feels like telling your children you don’t care and are leaving them at the mercy of your ex.

And so you fight on.

But it is taking its toll.

Now imagine finding a way to regroup and rebuilt.  To gain your strength back and find a secret weapon and tactical maneuvers to defeat your enemy at last.

Going to court and getting the outcome you want – a loving (and uninterrupted) relationship with your children.

contact with children

To watch them grow up and be there every step of the way. 

To teach them to ride their first bike and see the joy on their faces as they peddle down the path.  Taking them for their first swimming lesson and supporting them as they swallow half the pool. To watch them in their school play and clap so hard your palms hurt as you beam with pride.  Being there when they wake up from a nightmare to hold them and reassure them that it is OK, you are there. To be there to counteract the negativity of the ex and provide them with a fun, stable home life.

This is what GET COURT READY  was designed to do. To give you and your children the opportunity to have a normal relationship.  To scupper the exes attempts to erase you, protect your child’s well-being and to restore you as the parent they remember and need.

Through years of working with thousands of victims of the family court process whose lives had been ruined by false allegations, contact denial, professionals not taking note of any evidence, and alienation, one thing became clear to me…..

This is NOT a war won on facts or evidence... This is won on focus, story-telling & performance, goals and resilience

You may have a great solicitor or barrister, the most compelling facts and evidence but you still aren’t getting your story across and your relationship with your children is slipping away.

What’s the missing piece?

Well, it’s you.  You are the one who is being judged.  Not your representation or even the evidence.  YOU and without the right mindset, you are going to keep getting the same result.

You can blame the system, gender politics, professionals and your ex but honestly it isn’t getting you anywhere. In fact all that anger will be making it worse. It is destroying you from the inside out. Add that to your grief and probable PTSD and you are a ticking time bomb. 

Athletes, soldiers, entrepreneurs, SURVIVORS all know that the right mindset is the difference between success and failure.  So if you have all the evidence, all the right representation and you still aren’t getting the result you want it’s time to look at your mindset.

“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present and I have the power to make it so

So whether you have tried mediation and it failed so are heading for your First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment (FHDRA) or are returning to court for an amendment, GET COURT READY is the preparation you need to ensure you put up your best fight and develop a mindset which will ensure your success.

Here's Exactly What We Cover...

  • Reality Check

    After an abusive relationship your whole body is in survival mode which means your brain is not functioning at full capacity, which already puts you on the backfoot. This first module is your wake up call. You will begin to activate the parts of your brain you need for this battle and start to form an action plan

  • Rewriting the Narrative

    Your ex fired the first shot and so you are using all your energy on damage limitation which is both exhausting and frustrating. This module will give you the skills and understanding to unpick the narrative, present the truth and trigger the ex to reveal their true colours

  • Understanding The Performance

    Everything you say and do is being judged and so it is really important you get your communication spot on but it is so much more than just position statements or the words you speak. This module will look at all the hidden aspects of communication and provide you with some powerful tools to ensure your message is received loud and clear

  • Know your part

    Your ex knows exactly what buttons to press to get you to act exactly as they want you to which is then misinterpreted by professionals. Learning what your own triggers are will take away their power and put it right back in your hands

  • Find Your Superpower

    Your ex will have left you feeling powerless and this situation is no better. BUT you are the key to changing this situation and when you believe that you really can achieve anything. This module will help you to flex your superpowers and develop the confidence to kick ass

  • Protecting the Innocent

    The children often seem to be forgotten in this process and despite looking like they are very powerful, they are actually incredibly vulnerable. This final module equips you with all the tools, including a specialised parenting plan outline, to ensure the best outcome for the children

Father, D, was having intermittent contact with his children when we first starting working together.  Mother was making repeated allegations and calls to social services and reporting that the children were afraid of dad and didn’t want to have contact with him.

During our work we recognised that dad was playing into mothers narrative both with us and other professionals who had come to the conclusion that he was difficult and aggressive.  He would use sarcasm to address professionals.  He walked out of meetings.  He talked over other people. 

We pointed out to dad that by reacting to mum every time she made a derogatory comment about him or stated to others that the boys were scared of him, he was in fact adding fuel to the fire that he was difficult and aggressive.

As soon as dad was able to see this, he adapted his behaviour and mum was no longer able to coercively control him and the narrative, which lead to it being unpicked by professionals and he now has regular, uninterrupted and positive contact with his children.

By the end of the programme you will have developed a success and goal orientated mindset and be prepared for the battle. You will be ready to face court against a narcissist. You will have more clarity about the process and your role in it.  You will feel emotionally prepared to face both the narcissist and the judge. You will be in a much better position to get the outcome you deserve.

Family Court is so much more than a legal battle.  It is psychological warfare and whilst I absolutely believe you need to be legally prepared, you cannot underestimate the emotional toll this will take on you.  The children need you to be strong and you can’t do that if you aren’t prepared.

A solicitor or McKenzie friend cannot come to the CAFCASS meetings with you.  Or social services or school meetings.  You are on your own in those.  So let’s provide you with the strength, knowledge and tools to go into each meeting feeling confident that you can achieve the best outcome.

You are the key to this. And we aim to provide you with all you need to succeed in giving your best performance yet, winning over the crowd and becoming the real hero of the story.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish except for the limits you place on your own mind”

Brian Tracy

Get instant access....

On the other side of the checkout is your Get Court Ready programme.  It has been tried and tested and already started to rebuild relationships and we are so happy to see you have that in your life too.

Why is it just £247 for lifetime access?

This whole program is the same price as just one hour with a solicitor because we want as many people as possible to reconnect with their children and re-build strong, loving relationships.

You get lifetime access so you can rely on this as a resource however long this takes and you can work through at completely your own pace.  

More than that though, you will have the best possible preparation for the next act of your play.



As part of my desire to reduce time spent in court which could be better spent having fun with your children and to overcome the financial barrier which sometimes is there for parents and be able put forward your best case with all the knowledge and skills you will learn on this course, I am personally adding in these bonus resources to give you the best chance of success in court:

  • FREE support with an experienced MCKENZIE FRIEND

    Value £97

  • a FREE Guide To Being A Litigant In Person

  • Guide to the Role Of Cafcass

    Learn about why and when Cafcass will become involved in your case, what to expect and their obligations.

  • Safeguarding Your Child

    This guide provides you with insider knowledge about what Social Workers are looking for and how you can best represent your case

  • Nurturing Resilience

    This is all about providing you with the tools to stay the course. The ex is obsessed with the victory and so you need all the strength you can get as will your children. Things won’t always go your way so this guide provides practical tools for you and your children to build your “bounce-back-ability”

  • Assertiveness and Boundaries

    This workbook is a great compliment to the course as it helps you to develop your assertiveness skills and set some firm boundaries which will keep you and your children safe both now and in the future

  • Habit Tracker

    Throughout the course we are looking at developing new, more powerful and more helpful habits. Like all new things this will feel odd at the start so the habit tracker is there for you to see yourself change until your new habits are as natural as brushing your teeth.

All of this is designed so you experience less time in court, spend less money on court proceedings and get you reunited in a meaningful way quickly and more easily than the traditional court process.  Plus we arm you with the tools you need to resolve conflict without having to keep going back to court to make amendments to your court order.  And even though you won’t put yourself first in this, we will, so we will prepare you for going through this and reducing your stress through the whole process.  

So if you are ready to develop a winning, success mindset and get the result you want in court, all the tools you need are right here.  I’ll be with you every step of the way through the videos and toolkits built from the experiences of hundreds of parents who have gone before you and now it’s your turn.

This is for you if:

  • your ex has begun to gate-keep access to your children or has stopped it already and mediation didn't work so you are heading to court for the first time
  • your ex argues every little point with you and so you are going to court to get some structure for you and the children
  • you have been back and forth to court but nothing changes
  • the professionals are simply not listening or seeing what is really going on

Our Impact So Far...

“I took real action today and it feels great. I would not have been able to do that a few weeks ago”
Narcissistic abuse uk
Alienated & Now starting to take action
“I got asked this question and I didn’t know what to say. I really wish I had done this course before so I could have been prepared”
Narcissistic abuse uk
Attempting to co-parenting with a narcissist
“The boys no longer think I am the enemy...they happily come to me”
Narcissistic abuse uk
Alienated father, now in regular unsupervised contact with his children


GET COURT READY comes with a complete no-questions-money-back guarantee, which means you get to try the entire program for 30 days and if you don’t receive fantastic, radical and LIFE-CHANGING results you are eligible for a full refund. All you need to do is send one email within the 30 day period to to request your full money-back refund.

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