How to prepare for court against your ex so you can get the best outcome for you and your children without losing the plot...

If you're attending family court or you're fighting for your children then this is for you

Putting the children first should be the only goal of the courtroom.  Establishing their needs and settling into a routine that gives them the family support and care they so desperately want.  But when you go to court against a narcissist it often becomes something entirely different.

Narcissists love the court arena they see it as a stage for them to perform their greatest trick yet – to make the whole crowd believe they are the victim and you are the abuser.  Of course the narcissist has been preparing for this for years.  They wrote the script and have rehearsed it to numerous audiences.  You however are the last minute stand in.  Thrown in at the deep end with no time to prepare and an audience baying for blood.

Having experienced this injustice both first hand and through our work with hundreds of parental separation cases, we want to level the playing field for you. 

I am using the analogy of a stage play because in many ways it is.  The narcissist is the narrator and takes centre stage.  They play the role of victim in this tragedy and you have been assigned the role of abuser.  The children are supporting cast used to great effect by the narcissist to ensure the audience (the professionals) are left in no doubt of who the villain is.  Think of this as your rehearsal to give you the chance to put in your best performance and to win over the crowd.

But it is possible to rewrite the script.  To give the audience an alternative ending.  And most importantly, to give you and the children the happy ever after you deserve.

Introducing the ‘Get Court Ready‘ programme.  Based on thousands of experiences of people with and without legal advice this programme gives you the opportunity to focus on what really matters in that hearing, your children.  

Here's Exactly What We Cover...

  • Reality Check

    Like the opening scene of a play, in this module we will assess the current landscape and provide you with a fresh perspective and practical tools to make some easy changes.

  • Rewriting the Narrative

    Your chance to tap into the what the audience is looking for and rewrite your given role from villain to loving parent.

  • Understanding The Performance

    Getting you court ready with practical tools to overcome any bias and present your best self to the audience.

  • Know your part

    When one party plays the victim it is natural that the audience automatically sees the other as the villain. How you play the role will determine how believable that is and we will provide you with tools and tricks to carve out a new role for yourself.

  • Find Your Superpower

    Every good story has a hero. And the best stories are the ones where the villain turns out to be the hero all along. You are the hero of this story and with our help we can use turn your perceived weaknesses into strengths and save the day.

  • Protecting the Innocent

    Family court is similar to the Roman Amphitheatre. It is a battle to the death with no real winners other than those in power. The children should not be subjected to any of this and this final module will provide you with guidance and tools to best protect the children throughout this process.

By the end of the programme you will be prepared for the battle. You will be ready to face court against a narcissist. You will have more clarity about the process and your role in it.  You will feel emotionally prepared to face both the narcissist and the judge. You will be in a much better position to get the outcome you deserve.

Family Court is so much more than a legal battle.  It is psychological warfare and whilst I absolutely believe you need to be legally prepared, you cannot underestimate the emotional toll this will take on you.  The children need you to be strong and you can’t do that if you aren’t prepared.

A solicitor or McKenzie friend cannot come to the CAFCASS meetings with you.  Or social services or school meetings.  You are on your own in those.  So let’s provide you with the strength, knowledge and tools to go into each meeting feeling confident that you can achieve the best outcome.

You are the key to this. And we aim to provide you with all you need to succeed in giving your best performance yet, winning over the crowd and becoming the real hero of the story.


Right now we have an exclusive opportunity for just 10 people to have 1:1 access to this programme PLUS 6 x weekly one hour sessions with Sarah Squires.

Just £250...

Why is this the same price as one hour with a solicitor?  Because we have been through this process many times before we know what works and what doesn't.  

Our goal is to make this programme available as an online exclusive for people to work through at their own pace.  But before we do that we need to make sure the content is easily understandable and be aware of any parts that maybe aren't crystal clear.

This means just 10 people have the opportunity bonus one-to-one support as they go through the programme.  

You will also be instrumental in ensuring the course provides everything needed to help those preparing for battle against a narcissist.

More than that though, you will have the best possible preparation for the next act of your play.

If you would like to be considered for this exclusive offer, please enter your information below.  Once you have submitted your application we will review your situation and email within 48 hours to arrange a time for a call.

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