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Your are an incredible parent who does their best but sometimes it feels like your ex is determined to ruin you and your children.


Learn to help your child who has experienced hostility, control, manipulation, criticism and other emotional abuse in their relationship with their narcissistic parent.


This workbook is designed for parents raising children who have a narcissistic/toxic parent. Using a step-by-step approach, the book provides practical tools and techniques to help you understand your child s needs and behaviour. You will come to see that your child s negative patterns do not lie with them, but are related to the way they are being treated by their other parent. You will learn why your child behaves as they do and gain an insight into how you can change this.


The book covers:

  • attachment and how this impacts parenting
  • moving away from power and control
  • 19 common issues for children of narcissists
  • positive parenting principles and tools
  • activities do with your children
  • example real life scenarios and how to deal with them


Attachment-based parenting focuses on building secure attachments in children and providing them with the personal resources they need to be healthy adults.  It is based on neuroscience, attachment theory, child development and family systems theory.  It helps you to parent your children in a way which optimises their mental and physical well-being


“A valuable and accessible source of reference on remaining an involved positive presence in your child’s life when the other parent refuses to co-parent, gives insight into the devices narcissists too often use to control and disrupt, and provides useful tips on being a good parent in the most challenging and traumatising of circumstances. 


Sarah draws on personal experiences to explain the harm that toxic parenting can cause your child, how you can recognise it and what you can do to help you and your child overcome it. Having faced orchestrated alienation for most of my daughter’s life and often felt powerless to protect her, I wish I had read this book long ago.” 

SB, Somerset


“I found Sarah Squires ‘Help? My child is being used as a weapon’ to be a helpful, practical guidebook to assist with navigating the many unique challenges that come with ‘co-parenting’ with a parent with narcissistic traits. From describing common issues that children of narcissist parents face and strategies to address these, Sarah covers a wide range of parenting tools to help minimise the adverse effects of narcissism, sustain positive relationships with your children despite your ex’s best efforts to destroy them, and build confidence in how to raise resilient, secure children. The real life scenarios included in the book not only helped me to not feel alone in the challenging situations I consistently find myself in, but I found the strategies suggested to deal with them were far more helpful than many of the expensive therapists inexperienced in narcissism have provided in the past. Thanks for the toolkit Sarah.”

Sarah, Melbourne