How the narcissist will use the corona virus to their advantage

At the time of writing this (10th March 2020), the corona virus is on the edge of becoming a global pandemic.  We have individuals stockpiling toilet roll and hand gel. COBR (Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms) meetings here in the UK are issuing guidance almost on a weekly basis and it’s overtaken Brexit as the most talked about thing in 2020.


Whilst this is a serious health concern (and potentially economic one) I wanted to look at how the narcissist will use this to their advantage because, let’s face it, they love drama and this is fast becoming a Hollywood film plot.


Be the hero


Narcissists have two public persona’s – hero or victim.


We will look at the victim role in a moment but firstly let’s see how they can be the hero.


Despite the guidance currently being issued, the narcissist will be pulling the “it’s not safe for the children to come to contact” or “the children are anxious about catching the virus so they would prefer to stay here” cards.  So where do you stand on this?


Most parenting plans have some clause about illness but this is a unique situation.  The reality is that experts do not know enough about how it is spread therefore how best to protect the public and so the guidance is to wash your hands and reduce up close and personal interactions with the public.  


You are not the public.  And schools are still open.  So there should be no excuse for you not seeing your children.  Unless you have actually been confirmed as having corona virus, you are safe to interact with your children.


Also, children are the lowest risk because their immune systems are better than most adults, so they are safer than the majority of us!


Many of them will suddenly become the expert.  They know best. They will be able to tell you everything you need to know and have more insider knowledge than the CDC.  At work they may take on the role of “information distributor” which gives them power of who and what they tell. This is all in an effort to feel important.  

Be the victim


The covert narcissist loves nothing more than to be centre of attention and getting lots of sympathy.  The corona virus gives them the opportunity to post on Facebook about being “really worried as they feel terrible” or “can’t stop coughing, what should I do?”


All to illicit a wealth of “take care of yourself”/“hope you are ok” comments.  


At present there are 373 confirmed cases in the UK (numbers are rising by the hour) out of almost 30,000 people who have been tested.  The most at risk groups are the elderly and those with weak immune systems.  


I am not saying that narcissists won’t catch it but at the moment, the likelihood is, that they haven’t got it.  


Corona virus is scary and I have written this blog not to undermine that but rather to highlight how narcissists use and abuse such situations to their advantage.


What do you think?