Is my partner a narcissist?


Not a question anyone really wants to have to ask but I genuinely believe that it is always best to know what you are dealing with.


Narcissists are chameleons so it can be hard to spot them.  They present as normal to most people which is why your experience of them can seem to different to everyone else's and often leave you wondering "is it really me?"


Things were great at the start, perfect in fact.  But now you are having to work really hard to get that old person back and you can't figure out what changed.  They are moody, withdrawn, angry. Nothing you do is good enough and all the things they said they loved about you now seem to irritate the hell out of them.   You aren't sure who this person is any more.


The truth is the narcissist has many versions of themselves, none of which are true and so you won't really know until you do your own research.


This quiz is your first step.  Simply answer the questions and you will get your answer and at least you then know where you stand.


Does he/she always talk about themselves?
Does he/she impose weird rules upon your life? Such as what time you have to get up?
Does he/she get super possessive and jealous?
Does he/she make everything about what they want?
Do you think he/she is cheating on you?
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