Is sex education at 4 years old, too young?

I am very excited to share this post with you from my Guest Author Emma Fitt.  Emma is a mum to two girls who are 5 and 10.  She has her own blog at


Is sex education at 4 years old too young?

I read a post on Facebook this morning, saying the government is going to give sex education to all 4-year-olds, at school and without the consent of the parents either.
My first thought on this having a 5-year-old daughter myself was, it’s far too young!!! I decided that I needed to do my own research on this and find out the true facts rather than relying on opinions on Facebook. The first report I came across was from the I.T.V news page. ‘Over the recent years, there has been a growing concern that the answers provided by search engines and websites aren’t the lessons children should be learning.’
My problem with this statement is, is a four-year-old going to be asking a search engine this kind of question? I very much doubt they would be thinking this. Let alone being able to spell the words to put them into Google. I know my 5-year-old cannot spell education for sure! Amelia has never come to me about any questions on sex at all and I like to think I am very open with them. There is family that they can go too, like auntie Dan who is way cooler than I am. I would like to think that my 10 year old would feel that she could come to me and ask before putting something like this into Google, but maybe I’m just being naive.

Having always taught my girls the underwear rule, where I have told them that no-one should touch them under their underwear. If they did they should come to me and no matter who it was and what they were told by that person they would never get in trouble for telling the truth. I hope I have given my girls the strength to be able to tell me anything. God forbid nothing like that ever happens to them, but we do have to be prepared if it does.


Reading further on in the report it states that; ‘The government will try and address this new reality by completely revolutionising the education schools provide. Bring forward legislation that will ensure every child from the age of four is taught about safe and healthy relationships, and later, about sex too.’
After reading that part I did change my opinion, a bit. What’s wrong with teaching children about healthy, safe relationships? Not only will it help a child to recognise that sexual abuse is wrong. As at four if that’s all you know. How are you meant to know any different unless you are told? But also, physical and mental abuse too. If the child is taught from a young age how you should be treated by an adult who looks after you. Maybe just maybe the government is finally about to do something right for once by protecting vulnerable children who need it.

I would love to hear your views on this, is this a good or bad move from the government?

Emma and the girls x