Narcissist Abuse Recovery

FREE Break Free Session

Are you ready to Break Free From Narcissistic Abuse?  The first step is often the hardest because it means admitting that something is wrong.  But that first step can also be the most empowering.  For the first time in a long time you are choosing to take back some control.

This free session will help you to start the process of breaking free.  It is a confidential session where you can speak freely without judgement or fear.  You may not want to leave and that is your choice.  This session is not to tell you what you should do, I am here to listen and advise.  Sometimes just knowing you have someone to talk to is enough to start off with.

Maybe you have already broken free from the relationship but still feel shackled by the scars it left on you.  Perhaps you are afraid of meeting someone new in case they are the same.  You have probably lost your confidence not just in yourself as a partner but also in your ability to make good decision.

Or maybe you are worried about how the abuse have affected your children.  Perhaps they are showing signs of abusive behaviour themselves.  Or perhaps they are too passive and you are scared they will be abused.

Whatever your reason, this free session will give you the freedom to discuss your number one issue in a safe and confidential environment.

Sarah is the only expert in narcissistic abuse recovery in Lincoln.

To book, simply fill in the form below and let me know what your NUMBER ONE issue is right now.  If you are in Lincoln, your "Break free from Abuse" session can take place in our clinic or over the phone or Skype.  If you are elsewhere we can use phone or Skype

I Come Highly Recommended

"Sarah is a wonderful person, who listens to your needs and knows just the right way to motivate you and coach you . I would definitely recommend that you have at least one coaching session with Sarah ..... "