We have a full range of course available for you to access online covering all aspects of narcissistic abuse and parental alienation. To view the syllabus, click on the course title.

Fighting False Allegations In Family Court

False allegations are on the rise in Family Court and are often used to stop contact between one parent and the children.

This course will provide you with an understanding of why they are used, how they work and what you can do about it.

PA Toolkit

Parental Alienation is used by narcissists to exert their dominance or maintain their enmeshed relationship with the children.  It is psychological child abuse as well as domestic abuse.

This course provides you with a wealth of resources for you to thoroughly understand the psychology and pathogenic nature of the people who commit this crime as well as advice from leading experts in the field on how to tackle the issues.

Family Systems Theory

This CPD accredited course will give you an understanding on the current models of family systems theory and therapy.

Child Protection and Parental Mental Health

This CPD accredited course gives you an insight into the relationship between child protection and mental health.

Get Court Ready programme

get court ready

Empowering and educating victims of abuse to protect themselves from narcissists in Family Court

We understand the devastation of family court because we’ve been there. The abuse, the trauma, the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.  This programme is our specially designed online programme to prepare you fully for court against a narcissist. We will walk you through how to stand up for yourself, severe the trauma bond so they can no longer bait you, manage your trauma, deal with professionals and protect the children. All available online with videos and workbooks plus weekly support sessions.