Parallel Parenting With A Narcissist

We regularly get asked how to co parent with a narcissist ex.  How do you co parent with someone who doesn’t respect you, is uncooperative and refuses to collaborate? 

The truth is you don’t. 

At best you Parallel Parent.

But what does that even mean and how can it protect you and the children from the ongoing abuse and control?

On the face of it parallel parenting is a way of protecting the child from conflict by reducing the amount of interactions between you and your ex.  But to do it successfully you need to understand so much more.

Introducing our Parallel Parenting With A Narcissist online course

In order to successfully parallel parent with a narcissist you need to understand why it is necessary, what it is and how it protects you.  In our comprehensive online course we talk you through 8 modules all designed to increase your understanding, resilience, assertiveness and confidence to parallel parent effectively with a narcissistic ex.

This is a self directed learning course so you can take it at your own pace, go back through things when you need to and revisit it whenever as you have lifetime access.

The course is made up of written content, audio files, videos and handouts.

Parallel Parenting With A Narcissist Is More Than Using An App!

The reason why parallel parenting doesn’t work for everyone is that they haven’t done all the work around having to continuously interact with a narcissist.  They expect to be able to reduce contact and POOF! as if my magic everything improves.  Sadly this isn’t the case.  The narcissist will attempt to triangulate around your boundaries and use the children, your friends and family and the court process to get to you.

This leads to additional stress and can impact your parenting.

We therefore designed this course to help you gain all the skills to effectively parallel parent and reduce the impact upon you and the children.

Parallel Parenting

with a narcissist
  • online easy access
  • one off payment
  • 8 specialised modules