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We will be hosting weekly sessions LIVE on YouTube covering different aspects of PARENTAL ALIENATION.  You can join us live and get involved, ask questions and share your experience.  Alternatively, you can access the library of videos in our PARENTAL ALIENATION TOOLKIT

Week One - Thursday 28th April 2022 9.30am BST

Is parental alienation a crime in the UK?

In this week’s episode we will be discussing whether the introduction of “alienating behaviours” into the Domestic Abuse Bill Guidance Notes makes parental alienation a crime and if not, how can we use the law to fight it.

Week Two - Thursday 5th May 2022 9.30am BST

How does parental alienation happen?

In this week’s episode we will explore the evolution of parental alienation within families, looking at the mild, moderate and severe manifestations and how each family member plays their role.