Narcissistic Parents

You are here because you have left an ex partner with whom you had children and you are trying to not only make sense of your experience but also plan for the future to protect your child from someone you aren’t sure you can trust with a child.

Our Mission

We have walked in your shoes and have created a range of resources to help you every step of the way from starting out and surviving that first week to creating your own safe space and focusing on your parenting.

Stage One

Surviving Your First Week

If the relationship has just ended, you are probably feeling a whole mix of contradicting emotions.  Some relief that you have some breathing space.  Sadness that it didn’t go the way you hoped it would.  Fear over what the future might look like now for you and the children.  Unsure what to do next.


We have put together a short ebook to help you navigate this first week (or month – there’s no timescale on these feelings) and help you take care of yourself.  Remember that you need to put your own oxygen mask on first.

Stage Two

The Realities of Co-Parenting

You have kids together and so you need to figure out a way of co-parenting with them but in order to find a safe way to do that, you need to know exactly what issues you are going to face. 

It’s important to know that this is the start of a new type of relationship and so this time you need to be prepared.

Our free Co-Parenting Handbook will help you to understand the realities of co-parenting with a narcissistic ex.

Stage Three

Divorce and Child Arrangements

You have probably figured out by now that you can’t co-parent in a healthy way with a narcissistic ex.  They will undermine you at every opportunity and attempt to regain control either directly through threats and demands or by triangulating the children into the situation.


You need some security and so it’s time to consider your legal options.


Our free download The Secrets To Facing A Narcissist In Court and Winning will get you started on the right track.

Stage Four

Co-Parenting Masterclass

Parallel parenting is the only option when dealing with a narcissistic parent.  It establishes clear boundaries which protect you and your child from conflict and gives you the space to focus on your parenting.

Our video workshop Co-Parenting With A Narcissistic Masterclass  will help you to understand the fundamental principles and our book Help! My Child Is Being Used As A Weapon offers practical parenting tips using a trauma informed and attachment focused approach.

Stage Five

Creating Your Own Secure Base

In order for you to be able to consciously and authentically parent in your own way and a way which is healing for you and your child, you need to create your own secure base.


This means healing your own wounds not only from the relationship but also from your childhood.  


We have a team of specialist therapists who can work with you one:one to heal from co-dependency, trauma and attachment injuries as well as the day to day stresses of having a narcissistic ex.

Our Repair Programme (coming soon) will share tools for you to:

  • identify how your own childhood, family system and relationships lead you into the path of a narcissist/borderline individual
  • rewrite your story using all the skills and strengths you have developed throughout your life
  • create a strong vision and action plan for rebuilding your life

Stage Six

Circle Of Security

We have partnered with Una Archer at Parenting After Separation to offer you the internationally recognised Circle Of Security Parenting Programme

It is based on attachment theory and builds on the work done in the Repair programme or therapy, including your child and supporting you to create a secure attachment and base for your child to navigate their world and relationship with their narcissistic parent.


Watch our free webinar Raising Emotionally Secure Children where we share: 

  • 13 ways emotional security helps children in their day-to-day lives especially when they are faced with a dramatic and erratic parent

  • One crucial mental shift that enables parents to raise emotionally secure children to ensure their long term protection from narcissism and other psychiatric disorders 

  • 3 main emotional security needs – knowing these needs can help you to take the guesswork out of raising emotionally secure children, reducing your anxiety and allowing you to feel more confident in your parenting

Stage Seven


Narcissistic abuse rips at your core self.  It triggers beliefs such as:

  • people always leave me
  • no-one can be trusted
  • I am unworthy
  • I am unloveable

Therefore the journey back to your child must start with a journey back to yourself.

Our revolutionary Reconnection programme will guide you through the process of reconnection with:

  • you inner child
  • your inner parent
  • your emotions
  • your inner being

We will also share with you the tools to become a more conscious parent, a spiritual guide and healer to help energetically reconnect you with your child, the bond which can never be broken but must be nurtured.

Starting soon