Making The Impossible Possible

Attempting to co-parent with a narcissist is exhausting and feels impossible.

They challenge every single request. Make mountains out of molehills.  Ignore you one minute then blow up your phone or email the next. 

They know that you will always put the kids first, because that’s what good parents do, and so they see that as a weakness for them to exploit.  If you don’t do as they request, they will punish the children.  So every day you walk a tightrope between protecting yourself and the boundaries you have worked so hard to implement and putting yourself in the firing line to protect your kids.

So how can you protect both yourself and the kids?

Our specialised support package, Positive Parenting After Abuse, will provide a healing and supportive environment in which to equip yourself to parent from a place of love rather than fear.

It is a parenting programme run on a month by month basis, making it financially more accessible.  We use a strengthening families approach, looking at all the different factors which make up a healthy family, parent and child. 

You will be guided by expert facilitators and have support from your peers. The programme fits with our Circle Of Security Parenting course, focusing upon attachment and thus breaking patterns of abuse which may run throughout your family, creating stronger healthier families in the future.

For more details watch the video below. 

The programme is run by Sarah Squires, ex child protection social worker, founder of The Nurturing Coach and author of “Help! My Child Is Being Used As A Weapon” and “Communicating With A Narcissist”.

It consists of:

  • a monthly workshop covering a new topic each month
  • weekly Q and A with Sarah/Expert speaker
  • workbooks to support your learning
  • community projects to nurture a sense of purpose and unity
  • your own online portal with access to all our free courses and the programme materials
  • Facebook support group