Circle Of Security Parenting Programme


Circle of Security Parenting Programme is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process designed to strengthen the sense of security in your relationship with your children.  You will learn skills that will help you to:

  • confidently approach difficult conversations with your children
  • Help your children to express what is going on for them and manage their intense emotions
  • Understand what is driving your children’s challenging behaviour and how you can help them to be more in control of their behaviour choices
  • Manage your triggers and come back to feeling patient and calm

Circle of Security is an 9 week programme consisting of 9 weekly sessions lasting one and a half hours.

What is Circle Of Security

    • It works because it is based on decades of attachment research


  • Presented in plain English with videos of parents and their children and graphics
  • During the three years of creating the first version of the course, it was test-run in six countries at 30 different sites. The feedback from colleagues around the world was taken into account the first version that was released in 2010
  • The videos now have been translated to Arabic, Cantonese, Danish, Estonian, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Norvegian, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish

What we’ll cover:

Week 1   Welcome to Circle of Security Parenting

Week 2   Exploring our children’s needs all the way around the circle

Week 3   “Being with” on the Circle

Week 4   Being with infants on the circle

Week 5   The path to security

Week 6   Exploring our struggles

Week 7   Rupture and repair in relationships

Week 8   Summary and celebration

Narcissism is an attachment based disorder therefore the natural solution to parenting with a narcissist is to focus on your attachment relationship with your child. 

This course can help you stop the pattern from repeating.

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STARTS MONDAY 10TH JANUARY 2022 AND RUNS UNTIL MONDAY 14TH MARCH (includes a week’s break for half term)

Weekly sessions run 8pm – 9.30pm for 9 weeks