Parenting whilst you are healing from narcissistic abuse is hard work. 

Your ex is probably still attempting to control and undermine you at every opportunity.  The children are picking up on the anxiety and acting out.  You have cPTSD and are struggling to keep a lid on your own emotions.  

You aren’t sure about boundaries and discipline because it wasn’t something you were taught and if/when you do attempt to put boundaries in place with the children, you are worried they might go running to the narcissist and turn you into the bad guy.

On top of that you may fear that your children are turning into narcissists themselves and aren’t sure how to stop that from happening or even if it is possible.

All of which create internal and external chaos.  

Chaos and parenting mean hightened emotions and challenging behaviour.

Which, after an abusive relationship, can be very triggering and lead you to reacting rather than responding, creating friction between you and your children which can be exploited by your ex.

We work with problems like this every day so we understand.  We have faced the same battles ourselves.  

It’s why we want to put our experience to good use and offer you this FREE WEBINAR to help you feel more secure and confident in your own parenting and to heal any attachment issues for both you and your children.

During this one hour webinar we will cover:

  • 13 ways emotional security helps children in their day-to-day lives especially when they are faced with a dramatic and erratic parent

  • One crucial mental shift that enables parents to raise emotionally secure children to ensure their long term protection from narcissism and other psychiatric disorders 

  • 3 main emotional security needs – knowing these needs can help you to take the guesswork out of raising emotionally secure children, reducing your anxiety and allowing you to feel more confident in your parenting

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