Stage Development and Parenting

Psychologists have studied stage development for many years and there are many different theories around how it impacts human development.


Today I want to look at how your own stage development can impact upon your parenting and therefore on your child’s outcomes.


Maslow’s Hierachy of Need

In the 1940’s Abraham Maslow developed his theory of human development into a hierachy.  His theory was that we go through each stage as we develop through experiences with the overall aim being to get to the top of the hierachy – Self Actualization.


stage development


I find it a great tool to help parents with their own development as we are able to identify where they are currently at and help them to move up through the stages.


For example, a parent who is socially isolated and doesn’t have a strong support network will be stuck at the safety needs level until they feel accepted and that they belong.  Therefore the work we would do initially be on helping the parent to develop support networks.  This could mean referring to mentoring projects such as Home Start in the UK.


Stage Development and Your Child



Ultimately your aim as a parent is to help your child get to Self Actualization.  In order to do this though, you need to be there yourself.  That is why the work we do together always starts off with you.


You are central to your child’s development and so if we can move you forward to a more fulfilling life, your child will learn from you how to get there by themself.


The good news is that no matter where you are TODAY you can move through the stages.  Together we will identify key areas for you to work on and set goals to help you get to the next stage.


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