Want to know the secret to recovering from narcissistic abuse?

Our clients will tell you, it's having the right support from someone who understands what you have been through and knows the way to freedom

We at The Nurturing Coach offer a unique and specialised package of support to individuals affected by narcissistic abuse or parental alienation.

We understand that you may have tried counselling in the past and been made to feel like you were being too sensitive or even paranoid by a therapist who did not understand the nature of this abuse.  We understand it is hard to trust anyone again.  After all the last person you opened up to used all your deepest, darkest secrets against you.  We understand that you have been conditioned to not talk about them with anyone.

So why should you trust us:

  • We are all qualified as either Life Coaches or Counsellors and fully insured
  • We have all got lived experience of parental alienation and narcissistic abuse
  • We have all undertaken our own healing journey to be in a position to help others
  • We are all passionate about providing a service which was lacking when we needed help ourselves
  • We have been where you are and understand that it’s scary to talk to anyone else about this for fear of not being understood, being made to feel like you were the problem, to open a can of worms that you aren’t sure you really want to.  We have sat where you are sat and felt that same anxiety but we chose to trust ourselves and the therapist and it helped.  It really did.
  • We understand the complicated dynamics involved (we have all done additional training on narcissistic personality disorder and parental alienation)
  • We all have regular supervision to ensure we give you the best possible service (none of your personal details are shared, it is to ensure we are following best practice and allows us space to self reflect and manage the emotions of dealing with being potentially retriggered ourselves)
  • We love what we do.  It is not just a job for us but a true calling.
  • Although we are specialists our prices are reasonable and we are always open to negotiation as we understand the financial abuse narcissists inflict
  • We put you at the centre.  This is your journey.  We are simply here to guide you back to your true self.

The Nurturing Coach is the right choice for you if:


Narcissistic Abuse uk



Specialism - Parental Alienation and Co-parenting with a narcissist. Find out more about Adele on our About Us page



Specialism - Recovery From Codependency and Recovery From A Narcissistic Relationship. Find out more about Janine on our About Us page

narcissistic abuse uk



Specialism - Adult Children Of Narcissists. Find out more about Rachel on our About Us page



Specialism – supporting parents through the court process 

We offer specialist therapy/counselling and coaching