5 Reasons Why Narcissists Move On So Quickly

Narcissists always seem to land on their feet, like the proverbial cat.  Whilst you are at home still feeling hurt and healing from the break up of your relationship, they are happily posting photos all over social media of how wonderful their life is now. It’s like a real kick in the stomach! So why… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Narcissists Move On So Quickly

11 Signs of An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Duluth power and control wheel

Narcissism and Me

  Having a narcissist in your life is a unique, exhausting and terrifying experience. I wanted to share my experience in the hope that speaking out may help someone who is experiencing this themselves. I am not going to talk directly about the narcissist, partly out of fear of reprisal, but mainly to not give… Continue reading Narcissism and Me