It's emotional torture

Every day feels like Groundhog day. 

Wake up and for a moment you forget but then ….

You remember kids aren’t here

Feel overwhelmed with a wave of sadness

Want to bury your head or wake up and it all have been a nightmare

You go over every decision you ever made thinking if you just did that one thing differently maybe this wouldn’t be happening

But it is.  And you are struggling.

If I find out you've met someone else, you will never see me or the kids again

Alienating mother

These were the exact words used by the alienating parent before he left.  He had been unhappy for years and left numerous times but always went back.  First time because she was pregnant (red flag number one of a potential abuser), second time because he had nowhere else to live and she made him go to her house to see his child anyway.  Next time she called him hourly with their child crying down the phone to him “daddy, why aren’t you coming back?”.  Finally she threatened to kill me if he didn’t go back. 

The children were weaponsied before birth and she took great pleasure in using them to her full advantage.

It sounds like something out of a scary thriller.  But it was my life.  And it’s probably similar to yours too.

Parental alienation (officially Child Psychological Abuse) causes untold damage to the children who are being abused.

But it also has severe mental health implications for the targeted parent as well.

If your child has been emotionally cutoff from you, sharing the same delusional thinking as your ex and having a persecutory reaction to you, then your are likely to also be suffering from:

  • Anxiety
  • Toxic Stress
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Grief
  • Anger
  • Loneliness
  • Traumatic retriggering

Added to this the trauma of Family Court and you are probably not coping very well at all.  Even if you are managing to function pretty well under the circumstances, underneath it all, you are paddling like a duck.

parental alienation

There is no SOLUTION

The sad reality is that right now there is no reliable solution to the psychological abuse which happens both to you and your children with parental alienation. 

Family Court seems like your only option because there is no negotiating with your ex and you can’t simply walk away and let your children go.  But that just makes it worse.  The ex now has an audience and those charged with protecting your children are all lapping up the lies. Making you feel even more anxious, stressed and angry.  

It's a battle you didn't sign up for but one you have to fight.

Starting on Sunday May 24th 2020 at 7.30pm, I am going to delivering FREE webinar training on how to survive parental alienation.

I know that you are focused on the children and want to save them but you need to put yourself first for just one hour.  It will help you and them in the long run. They need you to be as fit and healthy as is humanly possible to get through this.

A Herculean task requires a Herculean effort

Managing Grief